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  • Prince Andrew Bombs in BBC Interview About Jeffrey Epstein, Creating a PR Disaster

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  • Prince Andrew’s high profile interview with the BBC on his friendship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein appears to have fallen flat.

    The second son of Queen Elizabeth II gave a wooden display in which he denied sleeping with Virginia Roberts, one of Epstein’s alleged teenaged sex slaves.

    And by Sunday morning, there was no doubt where the public’s sympathies lay. His appearance was met with almost immediate backlash and criticism.

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    Terry Quelet says:

    How pathetic.


    Now you know who did it !

    Snicky G says:

    He's a liar!

    Timmy D'Alfonso says:

    What mores proof do you need to bring him to justice? The victims testimony,photo and a video. Somebody do their job man!!! He’s the first Clinton next!

    Sage Oldmann says:

    All these rich powerful people are going to start dropping like flies pretty soon. More than likely from heart attacks, suicide, or terrible accidents. Just like Epstein.

    Frank Robinson says:

    Pizza gate is real, alex jones warned the public yrs ago, but the sheep were sleeping.

    Jojew says:

    Prince was a musician that passed away. This guy is a pervert.

    Jeremy Parker says:

    Why isn't anyone bothered by the fact that she was paid,she excepted the$$$,17 isn't ilegal in the states,ect…last time I heard that's called being a hooker..and a well paid one at that. Doesn't change the fact Epstein and Co.are scumbags.

    mick ackroyd says:

    pedos and pizza lockem up

    Kathleen Fraser says:

    Friendship with Epstein . Not at all.

    DeathmetalIndian says:

    After jimmy saville, it's pretty obvious they're all PEDOS. The Epstein stuff is just par for the course. Royal family my ass.

    drane1210 says:

    Sponored by Netflix's The Royals, closed captioning provided by, Jeffery Epstein didn't kill himself

    J Napier says:

    "The Prince and the Pedeophile"
    "The Pedeophile Prince"?

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