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  • Protests erupt after Iran admits to shooting down Ukrainian plane

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  • Iran’s leaders face a third day of angry protests after admitting to a deadly attack on a commercial airliner. Iran says the missile attack that downed the Ukrainian International Airlines jet, killing 176 people, was a mistake. Elizabeth Palmer reports from London after Iran’s government forced her and other reporters to leave that country over the weekend.

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    Laura Mora says:

    You can see a woman shot on the leg. Fake news can’t confirm? Fake news!!!! Trump 2020

    Я в инете says:

    Iran strongly framed Russian propaganda

    Kexin says:

    So now they’re tearing down the terrorist posters? What happened to death to America over the assassination of their national hero.

    Blue Planet says:

    Wtf! They shoot their own people?! Smh!

    The World Is A Vampire says:

    Nancy Pelosi, what say you now? You keep finding your old addled self on the wrong side of the fence constantly. Democratic Senators & congressmen are UnAmericsn

    Jo Black says:

    Got to get the body count up. Killing 82 of their own by shooting down an airliner wasn't enough for the Iranian 'leadership'.

    s k says:

    Iranians hate their government and Obama failed to support their "green revolution" when he had the chance to help them.

    johnny says:

    Why ban certain basic rights when its 100% most likely someday will be any nations downfall?

    gektor ps says:

    Hassan Rouhani there is no fear.Shot down a plane in Iran.176 new laptops and Windows 10.Instead of saving 176 lives.That the police of the Russian Federation in advance. Kerch College .30 armored personnel carriers and infantry.Tehran 8 240 infantry fighting vehicles and infantry.Fright. 176 killed themselves.Vladimir Putin found 36 billion in a cache .rubles'.176 people took bribes.banks were paying. Zakharchenko 8 billion rubles scary.176 people. 36 billion rubles in an apartment in Moscow.Horror. 176 and 10 years each.Steward.They died all at once.

    mo canoo says:

    01:50 if you see well , the iranian pepole dont accepting to walking on usa and israeil flag but iranian goverment sent some pepole to walking on flag and push ordenariy pepole to walk on that ,, but pepole they dont accept to walk on the flag

    hunk5525 says:

    0:40 she was kicked out because she’s FAKE NEWS!

    Beer Hound's Beer Reviews! says:

    CBS Bipolar = Reporting!

    Seventh Anubis says:

    US helps tear gas sales and government fines and court fee collections in Iran.

    The Real says:

    For those of u that thought Trump took the cowardly route of standing down…

    Game. Blouses.

    The Real says:

    1:46 WOW. IM SHOCKED

    Todd Dennehy says:

    Three minutes of reporting without blaming our president! Unbelievable…
    How about giving credit where credit is due? Yeah, right.

    Jeffrey Davis says:

    Crazy how they were chanting death to America now their painting Mirals of our flag. Like what is it? Do you like us or hate us? Jesus Christ

    It’s me Vanessa says:

    Any comments from Democrats politicians in America defending Iran government. At end in this news shows how CBS liberal media defending Iran and truly liberal station. Anti Americans Anti America and working living in USA.

    Caocao8888 says:

    Fine video! Iranians are a great people who deserver better than a theocracy. (And we deserve better than a CBS, who uses a "reporter" 3,400 miles from the scene. Gotta get out of those London bars once in a while, honey.)

    vxenon67 says:

    Seems like many Iranians don't like their governement and Soleimani.

    Damnit Bobby says:

    0:50 Her teeth are dead inside.

    Gene Ground Jr says:

    Man did y'all not go to school communism bad socialism bad capitalism good real good. Must be something to it, capitalism has made it possible for the United States to finance and feed the world

    Leelita Carrión says:

    Thats not just a mistake

    CDC 232 says:

    The MULLAHS👺👹👺👹👺👹👺👹👺👹👺👹are USED to KILLING their OWN people…..after all it is THEOCRACY 👹RELIGION of PEACE👺

    Curtis Hill says:

    There is no way that was a mistake!! Keep lying you idiots!! Shoot at something that can shoot back you cowards!! A civilian airliner…REALLY! SUCH LUZAHS

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