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    Jake M says:

    I thought about you actually when the news broke.. what a mess. I think id have to wipe my hands of his stuff if found guilty. Try to sell or trash it i dunno. Hurting children is below the mendoza line so to speak. Hope it turns out to be some sort of accident but doesn’t seem that way.

    Near-Mint Musings says:

    Thanks for your thoughts and perspectives Mike. You’re right, sin is a B. My prayer too so for Josh’s family’s well-being and for Josh….that he can find some light in this dark time.
    Thanks again for sharing.

    SportCardCollector959 says:

    So sad to hear this news I remember reading his book I was home he straighten his life out u were the first person I thought of when I heard this story so I knew you were going to say something so I had to check this out thanks for sharing have a great day buddy 😎 big Mike

    Jim BoSox says:

    Tragic on so many levels. Opioids seared this mans soul and the fallout will burden his daughter for the rest of her life.

    Bink Scott says:

    A bad decision is trying to drive 50 miles on 45 miles of gas. I am not sure I would classify beating a daughter as a bad decision. I saw the video of him smiling at court. One thing is certain. Josh Hamilton will put Josh Hamilton before anyone else. Just like he always has. I am sure we will get another found Jesus speech from him in 6 months. Just like we have in the past.

    TripleCrown24 says:

    Well said, Mike. At the end of the day, these athletes are people who gain access to opportunities at a level that is unthinkable to you or me. This comes with the choices of using their platform for good, or taking advantage of their position and caving in on their vices. I'm hoping MLB and other leagues will eventually provide more resources to athletes on managing their fame and harnessing their platform in a productive manner. From a big picture, as you said, these types of stories emerge far too often. What's worse, the impact resonates to the families, friends, and affiliates of both the athletes and the victims in cases like these. It's a lose-all scenario.

    Bobbi Catalano says:

    😕 bummer

    topps85401 says:

    Your the first person I thought of when I herd the news. Josh Hamilton could have been a first ballot HOF if he didn’t have all the substance abuse problems. This latest development is disheartening.

    Joe iPhone Services says:

    I have been following Hamilton from being a highly touted prospect to almost a bust to coming back from that addiction to being an All-star player. There’s too much fluctuation in this man’s life. The substance abuse didn’t help. This situation is very unfortunate because if it is true then they are scarred for life. Thanks for sharing brother 🐵🐵🐵

    LEGIT FILMS 🔧 says:

    I would say sell it all, and respend that on a better guy

    R Guzy says:

    Very well said sir. Thank you for sharing.

    Jackie Chapman says:

    That's really too bad. Sorry to hear about it and I certainly hope he gets help. More importantly I hope that all involved are getting help they need.

    Greg Dobrick says:

    It's hard to say it better than that . This is a prime example, of what could happen, when you abuse drugs and alcohol. Maybe he just needs a hobby, like collecting baseball cards .

    Ron Figg says:

    As soon as I heard the news I immediately thought about you! Well said Mike! By the way-You didn’t start with yo and hello. I almost thought I had the wrong channel! Lol

    MP Fox says:

    Wow. Didn't see that yet… I have always been pulling for him… I feel bad at whatever torture is inside of him.

    PickerJimS says:

    You said it best “tragic and sad”, unfortunately it is a daily struggle dealing with the kind of demons he has. Drug abuse is an epidemic and destroys many families.

    Brandon’s Baseball Cards says:

    Very good commentary on a very sad situation.

    Mason Rahal says:

    Well said Mike.

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