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  • Rep. Raskin On Next Steps In Trump Impeachment Inquiry | All In | MSNBC

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  • Congressman Jamie Raskin (D-MD) discusses what the Judiciary Committee is planning for this week and what it all means for the President and his lawyer. Aired on 12/2/19.
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    Rep. Raskin On Next Steps In Trump Impeachment Inquiry | All In | MSNBC


    Grubber says:

    Where is the proof that Trump is enriching himself? Lots of accusations but no substance.

    King Onei says:

    The thing is is that the president cannot do it by himself. Everything Trump is doing, it is being assisted by others. The questionable security clearances. Jared Kushner is not in the clear

    michael anderson says:

    Individual 1 he is insidiously trying to obstruct World Order ,I believe he is just mad .

    King Onei says:

    The president doesn't agree with the laws of America. Trump has always tried to circumvent the Law. We the people… Do not like double standards

    Mod MINI says:

    If nothing else, impeach for the constant lying. That is betrayal of the public trust.

    jamescreys says:


    sal been says:

    A law professor is going to teach us. Tell me professor

    Carol Pendzick says:

    I love this man. He knows the law.

    Natasha says:

    MAGA fans still don't understand the true nature of Trump. He cares only about one thing and that is himself. Everything to him is a transaction. New Yorkers know this since the '80s.

    B spearbach says:

    Impeach the freak & liar. Vote the "gop/Greedy Old & Perverted" pasty-faced men out ASAP. Everyone knows tr'mp is mentally ill old man.

    barry Powell says:

    Dems words are as fake as the air time the media gives them. They hold no meaning. BABEL

    BigWasabi says:

    Wait a minute why is it not called FOUNDING Mothers !

    real qanon says:


    Reality Check says:

    The Constitution consist of enumerated/implied powers. Enumerated are defined, implied powers/inferred based on logic/ascribed by precedent. The federalist papers/ "Common Sense"/mileu provide context for consensus prescribing Constitution limits on federal gov. power, reserving all remaining power to the State/people. Barr rejects the notion of 3 co-equal branches of Gov, proclaiming unlimited power executive power. Barr maintains Trump has absolute power, unfettered by law, free to arbitrarily unilaterily exercise his will. We the People"/States/Congress/Courts are rendered powerless, without rights /freedom/legal recourse/redress/protection from harm a president/ those acting on his behalf may inflict Under Barr's premise, Congress /Courts are rendered impotent, that's not democracy, it's a kleptocracy.

    bmon40 40 says:

    “ a one man crime wave “
    America…. anyone awake in that country?
    Sweet Jesus.

    real qanon says:

    Military tribunals are in full swing. PAIN COMING

    dems lost says:

    Military tribunals will put dems in their proper place. 6' under

    barry Powell says:

    Obama went to Ely Cummings funeral but it wouldn't be his last. The next one would be his own

    real qanon says:

    Ely Cummings was executed too. He was given 💰 and turned his head on the k!D$. Just looked the other way

    barry Powell says:

    The military will execute many more of dems leaders as soon as we vote them out

    dems lost says:

    A bot could NOT threaten you but. ! ✓

    Kathy Williams says:

    Pay no attention to the Elephant In The Room. Trump stopped aid to Ukraine so Russia could finish their invasion. Bribery, huh.

    barry Powell says:

    Bots can't respond FOOL

    real qanon says:

    A Russian bot wouldn't call you an @$$ H😣/€

    StrnFn9099 says:

    Who cares what this whack-job thinks? Trump isn't going anywhere. TRUMP 2020!

    dems lost says:

    Queen Elizabeth was executed in mid-august because she was responsible for the death of Princess Diana and also made 💰 on the ch!ld $&X +r@ffick!n. G. Britain is running their military tribunals parallel to ours

    Mortac says:

    Russian troll employees really went for it on this one.

    real qanon says:

    R.G.Ginsberg was executed in January bcuz she would step down to make room for Loretta Lynch if Lynch got Hillary off the hook.

    barry Powell says:

    Obama was executed recently bcuz he acted as a shadow government flying in front of Trump and behind telling leaders to stick with his plan bcuz Trump will be out in a few months

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