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  • Rex Ryan PREDICTS 49ers vs Cardinals; Kyler Murray or Jimmy Garoppolo?

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  • Rex Ryan PREDICTS 49ers vs Cardinals; Kyler Murray or Jimmy Garoppolo?


    CEN CAL says:


    New Lion says:


    Jason DeLeon says:

    Best qb in this game, hasselback??… Jimmy beat him twice now with 8 total TD passes. Shut it

    Anthony p says:

    Haha baldy was wrong loser

    Anthony says:

    My prediction: Niners Win 36 – 26 including a Niner fumble recovery TD as the clock ticks down to 00:00

    I'm right, aren't I? It's like I'm from the future 😂😂😂

    a ga says:

    And……the 9ers couldn't run the ball. Rex would have kept at it and lost the game if he were still coaching.

    gutzy says:

    And they were so wrong

    Kash Sason says:

    Ohh by the way 49ers won.

    Toolit Max says:

    Lmao jimmy g 400 yards and Kyler 200

    Damion June says:

    Good win Niners 😎

    RazzleDazzle 49 says:

    Hassleback nobody cares about your Seattle self anyhow.

    J Dolo says:

    Murray is bum. He cant see over OL. Thats seconds he has to move out pocket to see open man. LIABILTY!!!!!!! he will have the record for almost Ws. so close.

    V says:

    That is a disgusting act by Randy Moss

    Israel Ramirez says:

    Swear they was just talkin good jimmys passing game on TNF

    Stavo AZ says:

    Rex Ryan stfu and enjoy your couch at home and stoo hating on Arizona because kliff is better than you

    Living Legend says:

    Its amazing these analyst say the 49ers pass game is the weakest link after one game after jimmy g tore it up against the cardinals…idiots

    SACKFRAN6CO says:

    The Lady: JimmyG hasn't lost 2 I a row…..
    "sMaLL saMPLe siZe"…… Mane STFU🤦🏿‍♂️

    Steven Jenkins says:

    Joe Rogan sent me here.

    Desirous says:

    The dude who has a ballsack for a head just said Kyler Murray is the best qb in the game. Am I high or did this dude really just say that?

    Angel Parra says:

    Screw Rex Ryan….🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾

    Ruben Gutierrez says:

    49ers trade for Larry Fitzgerald he needs a ring

    Ruben Gutierrez says:

    By the way can i get your autograph

    imkool12349 says:

    I remember rex ryan said cardinals offenses was going to get whipped

    Nick says:

    Lol Matt your the dumbest one at that table. Murray isn't better than jimmy.

    My Dogs Best Fren says:

    hahaha. hasselbeck, longtime seahawk, thinks murray with 4 wins under his belt is better than 2x SB champ Jimmy G??? lol.. the disrespect.. you always sucked btw matt

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