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  • SE Cupp on Trump's comments: It's really sad

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  • CNN’s SE Cupp responds to President Donald Trump’s remarks directed at Republicans who do not defend him against the impeachment inquiry.


    Jim Nabors137 says:

    California voters have had enough of Swallow and Schiff!

    W N says:

    There will be NO CIVIL WAR. Trumptards are a small percentage of the population. A sickly disturbed, mentally, portion of the population of course. If they want to use violence, I dare them to try it. Because they will see what overwhelming numbers of rational, law and family minded people who you plan to threaten, will come together to confront them and crush them. These twisted sociopaths are not the only ones who are armed.

    W N says:

    Wow, what a damn buffoon! This guy must have sold a lot of used cars or time shares to get to where he is now. Bear in mind….not one of these so called loyal Trumpsters would do or say anything on his behalf unless there is a pay off. Yes, they are all whores, every one of those Republicans who staged that unlawful farce on the Hill.

    Saidu Muhammad Gusau Muhammad says:

    Most of them THEY like Trump northern their cauntry.

    Saidu Muhammad Gusau Muhammad says:


    mike galasso says:

    SE "C" Cupps.

    Black Cobra says:

    Representative Sean Duffy is a fucking idiot 4 defending 45 & deflecting from her questioning..sad shit 😎

    Tammy Nelson says:

    Duffy is an asshat! As a Wisconsinite, we deliberately got rid of Walker for the same reason, dummy. I guess you're also a once been has been.

    A little tip for you, Skip. Quit defending the indefensible

    Alexander The Great says:

    this impeachment is a scam. wheres the whistleblower?

    The Truth says:

    IMPEACHMENT….DEMOCRATS WITCH HUNT!!! First of all, the president has an obligation to the American people, to use whatever Intel (intelligence) available (at HOME or ABROAD) (LOCAL, NATIONAL, or FOREIGN) to expose corruption with any CANDIDATE, CITIZEN, or AFFILIATES of this country whom are looking to serve (THE PEOPLE!!!)
    So that (WE THE PEOPLE) are well Informed of the character of the individuals, and their (AFFILIATES) before WE THE PEOPLE, endorse their (CANDIDACY, CITIZENSHIP, or LEADERSHIP) Irregardless of what may be perceived as self serving by on-lookers!!!

    And while this practice is not acceptable of one candidate to another, it is MANDATORY of our COMMANDER and CHIEF!!!!!

    And (WE THE PEOPLE) not only expect it, but DEMAND IT!!!
    This is the transparency that (WE THE PEOPLE) have cried out for, over many years, which is why (WE THE PEOPLE) elected PRESIDENT TRUMP, in the first place!!!!

    And just for the record…. the President's first priority is (THE CITIZENS OF THIS COUNTRY) and not (CAREER POLITICIANS of CONGRESS!!!!!!!!)

    GZR RZG says:

    Impeachment news is good for business for CNN! Keep on fake news!

    idaho524 says:

    Lol cute, cnn trying to be credible 😆🖕

    Keith Rempp says:

    The biggest things I'm afraid of is the Democrats and CNN. Oh, also the human scum.

    Rob D says:

    You are scum.. and you swallow.. so what's the problem SE cupp

    Dj House says:

    Whenever someone starts a news show with “it’s not a hoax” you can bet, it’s another hoax or as CNN calls it “fake news”

    Joe Clayton says:

    SE CUPP these balls

    Branch Claybourne says:

    Dude is a big ole douche.

    Boathouse Winona says:

    duffy is dumber than i thought he was, what a disgrace.

    William Parks says:

    The truth about Donalds crimes

    Branch Claybourne says:

    This dude speaking is a waste. (6:40)

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