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  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren touts female political success at Iowa debate l ABC News

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  • The seventh debate of the cycle began with a strong foreign policy focus and showcased a field united on some fronts, but labored over the direction of the party.
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    Ron Miller says:

    The worst panel and chances for ever beating Trump…..this is a Zoo…..for sure.

    Mel Fernandez says:

    Snake in the Grass Warren

    invisible man says:

    Joe Biden want's a Republican for a V.P……Sarah Palin is available…She's also a woman .

    Joyce Bunn says:

    You and Aime should find another job .

    Max Daichi says:


    Lisa Walker says:

    Well if that's friends I'd take enemies.

    gillsterein 3.0 says:

    A woman can be president of course. But that woman won't be Elizabeth Warren.

    codeagent47 says:

    Warren is a nasty person, period! She will not have my vote!

    A V says:

    #elizabethwarren2020 🔥🔥🔥

    T Cassano says:

    Warren did a disservice to America. Shame on her and shame on CNN

    Mb says:

    Please please, let it be Pocahontas!! Please, I'm getting the popcorn!

    John Smith says:

    Yang mutha-fuckin gang

    RoRo Ridley says:

    This middle-aged, college education education, woman of color donated to Bernie after that ridiculousness. Warren you really made women look petty and emotionally insecure. Ugh I liked you Liz but I will never donate to your campaign again.

    Michilar says:

    How many campaigns has Elizabeth Warren run? It's pathetic that she brings up her success in campaigning when comparing herself to candidates who have had many years of public service. One of those runs was against Scott Brown, a Tea Partier who ran and won in a solidly blue state, and was promptly shown the door. I hardly call it impressive or noteworthy.

    I'm a feminist, but I abhor these so called 'feminist' politicians who use feminism to promote their own ambitions.

    As far as I am concerned, Warren is as phony as a 3 dollar bill.

    Melissa Perez says:

    A lot of you have lost your candidate and I can only imagine the heart break. Please don't be disheartened. Continue to believe and hope and fight. I'm a proud Senator Sanders supporter and I see him as a role model and treat people with respect, dignity, and compassion as I see him do. I'm so sorry to say that I just wouldn't be able to say the same of Elizabeth Warren. https://berniesanders.com/

    Captain Creation says:

    Democrats are a complete clown show just like cnn. warren is a serial liar just like clinton, how many lies has she gotten caught in now? 6 this is the best the dems have LOL

    Mark Bergeron says:

    When I vote for a leader I don't look at it as a woman or a man. I don't look at color. or even race, as long it follows the guidelines of being elected. I stop playing he race or gender card

    Mark Bergeron says:

    CNN chicken Noodle News

    eVoLewis says:

    she is a joke

    Theophilous Punoval says:

    Elizabeth Warren's disgusting lie about Bernie Sanders is a betrayal of Progressives, the USA, and the whole world. If her dishonest, opportunistic grandstand play for the identity politics crowd damages Bernie, we will lose our last chance to address the climate crisis before it's too late. If Bernie doesn't win the nomination, say goodbye to Medicare for All, college debt forgiveness, immigration reform, the $15 minimum wage and the possibility of a new and more compassionate foreign policy. Even though I think Warren has destroyed her own campaign now, I'm not happy, because she has put Biden in the driver's seat. He is almost a Republican, and will probably lose to Trump if he's nominated. So would Warren. So, as we tread the downward steps to doom, remember who intentionally tried to tip the scales, for the service of her narcissism. Thanks Liz. (PS: I gave money and support to Tulsi, a class act who immediately stood up to Warren's garbage.)
    Jimmy Dore said it best: "Now we have to decide who lied–Bernie or Warren. And I don't know about you, but I'm not about to call a Native American a liar!" LAMO, big time.

    B says:

    We’re tired of you EW! Pete Buttigieg 2020! He’s the only reasonable choice away from this madness. 💯

    Chaotic Good says:

    Warren has a pattern of mis remembering the past to be a victim.

    Martian Manhunter says:


    Dexter Beagle says:

    Warren is a liar.

    Jojo Poppy says:

    Elizabeth: I'm all about unity.

    Elizabeth: men suck vote for my vagina.

    Ryan says:

    What an awful, narcissistic person. Wouldn’t be my “friend.” I’m thinking the reason Warren didn’t get the votes to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau wasn’t just because of Republican resistance.

    GABX P says:

    People who disagree with he title obviously didn’t watch the video

    ChristianMuscle says:


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