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    • Hong Kong police move on university campus, threaten live rounds, retreat before growing flames - The Washington Post November 18, 2019
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    • Trump lashes out at State Department employee ahead of public testimony - CNN November 17, 2019
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    • Pelosi On Trump: 'I Will Make Sure He Does Not Intimidate The Whistleblower' - NPR November 17, 2019
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    • Republicans Shift Defense of Trump, While He Attacks Another Witness - The New York Times November 17, 2019
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    • Trump Tweets at Kim Jong-un: Biden Is “Somewhat Better” Than a “Rabid Dog” - Slate November 17, 2019
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  • The Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star conspiracy palette and mini controversy palette SOLD OUT in hours. Although it’s fun to watch reviews of the palette, don’t you want your own?! I’m doing three separate giveaways, and to enter the first one all you have to do is:

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    mental health update! (+ ayahuasca update/where the flip i've been)

    hello my lil dumplings. some of you may have noticed i (uninentionally) took a month off from youtube but! i'm back binches! Today's video is just a lil bit of a mental health update/life update. Oh, also a lil ayahuasca update bc it's been so requested! thank you for watching & caring, love you guys so much :')

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    ♡ This video is not sponsored 🙂

    #mentalhealth #lifeupdate


    Lady Psychedelic says:

    I just really enjoyed this vlog type video, I thought it was the sweetest thing that you got the pallet for your gf🖤 your son is adorable and YOUR CAT OMG🥰
    I snort laughed at you “elbowing little girls” to get the pallets😂😂

    Theresa Vibess says:

    I hope someone who actually enjoys your channel wins this pallet and not the ones who are forever commenting negativity!!

    hartrose33 says:

    This is so sweet of you.

    Erika Garibay says:

    I want to win bc I'm a poor ass bitch lmao and the pallet will last me half my life!

    LilyofftheValleyFX FX says:

    Thank you for the Mental Health content!! (I'm in DBT groups for the next year and this can only help, right???) <3

    LilyofftheValleyFX FX says:

    I've been folllowing Shane since 2008!! <3 never thought he'd ever be where he is right now…

    Sarah Samoala says:

    I love what you’re doing here!!!

    Diana Noriega says:

    Your channel is one of my favorites and I say it truly. I hope all good things for you and your family.

    ShortGirl ForLife says:

    Aahhh!! This is so exciting! Lol it's so awesome that you're doing this aaahhh! Lol 😎 congratulations to Shane Jeffree and Andrew they can now enjoy the fruits of their labor after a long year of editing fliming planing and everything else involved a lot of work for sure.. That little dude wearing Shane's 🐷 T-shirt was too cute looks like he was doing a happy dance lol too cute

    Also I'm already subed so I made sure my notifications are on and I just subed to your mental health mailing list so awesome!

    Congrats to the future winners!! 🎉🐷⭐💄

    Aliyah Lopez says:

    I entered! I don’t have a sob story or a messy background like some people do and are sharing. Honestly I’m just a huge fan of Shane and Jeffrees looking to get my hand on this palette, it’s stunning and I’ve been waiting so long. Sucks it’s sold out.😍😂😭. Good luck to everyone else. 🙂

    Makaelee_Anne says:

    Just entered :’) I wanted it so bad but it was sold out I’m happy I may have an opportunity!!

    Lianne Hoogeland says:

    Lol, I want the pallet so bad for my sister, she's turning 21, and i couldn't buy it so…. I hope this works out

    Taryn Carreiro says:

    been watching your content for a while when you were first featured in one of Shane’s videos!!! Love that you’re supporting Shane!!! Been subscribed, but just turned on the notifications and joined your email list!!!💞

    Anne Kaljee says:

    Omg I love this!

    Talladega Morse says:

    You're such a sucker to think this giveaway is going to redeem your channel or make people start liking you. You suddenly have half the dislikes, double the likes & double the comments of people saying they want the pallete, like you & that they subscribed (on this video). Hmmm, geez, I wonder why? 🙄 All for the free palette 🤣
    After you announce the winner everything will drop back down to the daily norm but you know what is more embarassing…?…the fact that you're going to end up giving a free palette to someone that trashes you on the regular & dislikes you. 👍🙃

    IamKris411 says:

    I don't usually comment, but I really enjoyed this video. (: cool that you did this! Ps I loved the kitty intermission. ♡

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