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  • Shaun O'Hara: This is why Jimmy Garoppolo & 49ers beat Cardinals on Sunday

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  • Shaun O’Hara: This is why Jimmy Garoppolo & 49ers beat Cardinals on Sunday


    Tai Vo says:

    It’s not Jimmy. It’s the people around him needs to do their job.

    Steven Tipton says:

    Yeah 9ers over rated getting beat by Arizona.

    MegaTriumph1 says:

    14 49ers Players are on PUP list. Cardinals are like 2 on the PUP list. Unless the 49ers have the same slanted refs. Cardinals should blow out the 9ers. 34 21 Cardinals.

    Chris Gonzalez says:

    We will bounce back. Arizona gonna bring our best game. We going to play angry and take that on Arizona

    lane legaspi says:

    No hateing on jimmy g

    TheH8trs says:

    The mvp had 155 passing yards and no one is questioning his abilities

    Levi Kohen says:

    As a Niner fan i have 100% faith.
    Hes my QB hes doing great. Shut up all you do is give players a complex.. Jimmy dont watch espn at all stay away from your tv
    Keep focused we have a hard schedule to finish the season eat sleep and shit game film and think about the Lombardi 🏆…👍

    Raphael Curup says:

    I just hope for no more injuries 🙁

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