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  • Shocking New Evidence Rocks Trump Impeachment Before Senate Trial | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  • Rep. Jim Himes, member of the House Intelligence Committee, talks with Rachel Maddow about a new collection of evidence in the Donald Trump impeachment case that not only offers new insights into Donald Trump’s behavior toward Ukraine, but exposes some shocking new sub-plots. Aired on 01/14/20.
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    Shocking New Evidence Rocks Trump Impeachment Before Senate Trial | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    Flight Gaming says:

    So where's the proof that this is actually authentic? Or are we just suppose to ingest this without any further proof?

    Joe Schmoe says:

    I love that no matter what this MSNBC reporter tries to do to defame the president on behalf of liberal lies it blows up in her face. And this will too. Obviously this has nothing to do with Trump. They should be way more concerned with Clintons emails since many people around her were killed under suspicious circumstances. Or I guess Maddox doesn’t want to talk about that

    D Corcoran says:

    Bogus Bonus

    john cooper says:

    just R.I.C.O trump & his whole gang..

    ihave35cents says:

    None of this is fact.But fonzie wants to run with it lol.

    Papapump Santos says:

    Your a fool

    Whatever this is says:

    Corporate news sucks so much, TYT and the Hill on youtube are both way better

    kg kb says:

    MSNBC is totally convoluted with fake news even more than cnn all they want is ratings and for reporting convoluted news this has nothing to do with trump. demonrats news, trump will win anyways. Hay racheal report some new news about something important remember when you used to do that.

    j eee says:


    Marty See says:

    This is nonsense as usual.They were looking for rats!

    j eee says:


    John Nelson says:

    Parnas must testify in the Senate. A trial without witnesses and documents of data is NO trial… It is nothing.
    As John Adams once said while defending the accused British soldiers of the "Boston Massacre,"
    "Facts are stubborn things."
    John Adams must be rolling in his grave if he knows the foul stench that comes from tRump and his band of Republican Quislings.

    Obilon Kenobi says:

    Proper authorities conduct an investigation? Seems as though "the proper authorities" ARE the criminals. Investigation over.

    Lorenz Mora says:

    Sounds like something he has done before, maybe with epstein?

    Randy Hudson says:

    Fools. They were trying to sneak her out, not take her out.

    Junior Harry says:

    Hi Rachel Anne.👋🍺.

    Akela DeWolf says:

    America, loves that you are hurting so bad! LOL

    Richard Alexander says:

    Cult tRump is being exposed as the true criminals they are.

    B Dahl says:

    There something about Ambassador Yovanovitch that bothered Trump that made him lose his trust for her. Time for her to go.Trump can fire her for any reason or none at all. MSNBC just trying to do another spin job.

    Roland Vaughn says:

    It sounds like they was about to paint a picture on 🇺🇦 sole

    Micheal Albert says:

    Have heard heard of movies that were so “good” they went directly to video? Well this is raw evidence that has gone directly to congress. I know Rachel is frustrated and wants anything that might embarrass the president but it might be wise to let the professionals investigate and determine if any of this is even credible. A note to himself in English? Perhaps that note was for you. If you want something sooo bad you become easily manipulated.

    d d says:

    Wow. This is clear evidence that Trump put out a hit on Yovanovich. Guiliani's letted also confirms that Trump did indeed send him to coerce Zylinsky to announce an investigation into Biden.
    Big news.

    kevbo1756 says:

    MSNBC: Shocking new evidence
    Real Life: Nothing will happen

    Joe Ponto says:

    Unconfirmed hearsay from a dubious source? Another BOMBSHELL. The WALLS ARE CLOSING IN. Some might say it's THE BEGINNING OF THE END.

    YouTube_Nick says:

    Trump 2020!!!

    Black Star Entertainment says:

    So MSNBC is now know as Anti Tump! Can you guys please deliver the News about what’s going on in the world the not Just Trump,Trump,Trump! ?

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