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  • Soleimani Killed: US Strike Targets Iran General – LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE

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  • Iran’s top military leader Qassem Soleimani has been killed by a US strike in Baghdad ordered by President Trump. Get the latest on the killing of Soleimani in our LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE.

    Major General Soleimani, who was considered one of the most powerful people in Iran, was killed in a targeted strike on two vehicles outside Baghdad Airport. Other officials belonging to pro-Iran militias in Iraq were also killed. Iran is vowing revenge for Soleimani’s death.

    In this interactive live stream, host Steve Lookner brings you the latest updates on the news that Qassem Soleimani is dead after a US strike ordered by President Trump, and Steve will also read your comments and questions on the air!

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    Queen of Detroit says:

    Not good. Smh.

    GoodDay2YouSir says:

    I can already hear the crazies babling gleefully about Armageddon and the bible predictions so Trump is winning biggly with his religious right zealots that make up the core of his base.

    HD 101065 says:

    Iran just wants free glass

    HD 101065 says:

    Its gonna be a while before Iran CAN respond because they dont have ANY money, lololol

    Roger Clemons says:

    Iran blew up 241 US Marines, with one truck, one driver and one device in 1983. They are 50 times stronger and 100 times more enraged now.
    Will occupancy fall at Trump Hotels? I have no idea, but I wouldn't stay there , much less even drive within 5 miles of one. most of Trump hotels have seen a 10-50% drop in occupancy since 2017.

    🔥LITT🔥 says:

    "I want to update you on whats going on" Simple. Oil.

    Provoked Patriot says:

    Stop using the word assassinate for a cockroach that killed 1500 of his own people during recent Iranian protests and was in charge of all Iran's foreign terrorists cells. This was an EXTERMINATION.

    Naughtistic says:

    celebrations all across Iraq and iran. The real Iraqi and iranians wanted this guy dead

    No Is No. says:

    Great coverage on this topic, Mr. Lookner. No one signed that nuclear deal, either.

    Aquaritone says:

    I am not watching this video. Steve is just freaking out all over the place, over-reacting and creating necessary fear. The world markets are barely reacting at all-today's trading is all within normal trading range- and I trust the consensus of opinion of the markets, which are made up of millions of people. Iran had this coming. To quote Steve, "rules are rules and if you break the rules you get timed out." The world knows that Trump means business and Iran is not in any position to retaliate. Steve's reaction reminds me of election night 2016 when all the CNN and media hacks were crying, moaning and wailing that the stock markets were all going to crash the next day. A bunch of self-appointed know-it-alls. Never happened, did it? In fact, just the opposite. Relax Steve, we've got this. America is no longer going to be paralyzed with fear every time some weakling country tries to bluff or banboozle us. We are no longer nervous cowards nor a bunch of little sissies. America is once again the greatest country on Earth!

    Uncle Andy says:

    We attack ourselves, with each lie, with each bomb

    Fit Flik says:

    He was not the head of Iran’s military. He was head of the mullah’s militant terrorist org, the Quds force. Two different things. Just FYI. All news is saying it wrong.

    GITMO Holliday says:

    Iran is just a large country oppressed by a few small minded weirdos

    andy scott says:

    Typical America..funny how number 1 bad guy to Isis is also your number 1 bad guy hmmm

    Charlie Massingill says:

    Big NFL games the next few weekends and a huge college football game on the 13th.

    dyread says:

    So now I'm worried about my son who works for Amazon in Ireland, because of a cyber attack (or any other attack). I did say to my son that you said there could be a cyber attack, and for him to be ready. I think he was half listening and said yeah. I imagine a company like Amazon could be a massive target for a cyber attack. I also thought maybe rogue Alexas may be going to turn on their owners……… but I suppose by that stage I was imagining anything, and I may have watched I-Robot too many times.

    thekidd tyrese says:

    The spark of world war three is what it is

    pure dreamq says:

    wow what a channel live without any of the pretend stuff real deal research and headlines updates as it happens exactly what people want welldone awesome coverage wish i had found this channel sooner thank you love peace and harmony safe healthy journeys to you and all infinity

    Anders Ljungberg says:

    Khamenei is afraid that the same thing will happen to him that happened to other people in 1979. In 2009, he ordered that the aircraft be ready in case he had to leave Iran. He is more afraid of Iranians than of Americans. The US may be showing mercy. He is not as sure that his own citizens would show him mercy. when he loses his grip or when a single American soldier enters the ground in Tehran. then he will sit down on the flight. and not just him

    Marcel Seifert says:

    Blame Russia or Iran!

    Ms. RayRay says:

    He’s about to get us into a war to win reelection he’s desperate

    Catholic Leisure Ethic says:

    Iran does not have sleper cells in America and it wil not retalliate without saying that is what it is doing.

    Beth Tucker says:

    Bad guy kills hundreds of people,we know where he is, welp blow him up bad guy dead, 🤔, retaliation on USA,we blow up their oil fields, that's what will happen next, hit them in their pockets BOOM

    Mia DoubleZeroSeven says:

    People underestimate how much America is despised globally. Our ‘Achilles heel’ is our arrogance & pride. The West is on the decline economically & losing its grip on its “Super Power” status. If a war should occur & Russia & China joins Iran…it’s going to be a PROBLEM. Iran is NOT Iraq militarily or we would have invaded long ago. I find it ironic how quiet Israel is right now; they’ve been wanting Iran gone since 1949.

    No matter the size of your military, you can NOT be everywhere at once. If there is a war, it will reach our shores. Russia still has military planes & equipment in Venezuela.

    Scarlet Dawn38 says:

    American military will be going to war with Iran now, no doubt.

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