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  • Soleimani was tracked before deadly strike

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  • U.S. officials tracked Iranian military leader Qassem Soleimani before he was killed in Iraq. He had just landed in Baghdad on a trip intended to launch a campaign of attacks against Americans. David Martin reports.

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    billiondollardan says:

    So you expect me to believe that our military intelligence boys actually know how to do their jobs? If I only had the media as an example, I'd say that no American knows how to do their job properly

    NO 1U NO says:

    He won't be planing any attacks now …. who's next … step right up

    BigWasabi says:

    The story is disposable It’s non convincing and it TANKS especially after bizarre US Media “fairy tale “ stories about “ A dangling hand out of a car window wearing A RED RING ! All there is is a few clips of a burned car but non US footage shows footage of flares and fireworks but it’s unclear what country it’s filmed in It looks as if a staged US event backfired and they got played or played themselves and it’s unacceptable behavior from all sides involved !

    Brancaalice says:

    Well, they will be attacking american anyway? So cut the main head of snake, it ongoing job.
    Life is not so easy with war, no reasonably things come from it. God help the humanity. The muslin people was created a trouble maker as america try be trouble for them. Can we all live in peace?

    Alex Weight says:

    "The American thought they could deceive us when they find that body all of iran will cry for war"

    Jim Vincent says:

    I feel like smartest safest,richest and happiest countries in the world are Switzerland,Norway,Austria etc they never bother any other country or neither they do have the greed of being powerful. THE UNITED STATES WAS THE THE AMERICAN GREED HAD LED THE COUNTRY TO BEING WORLDS NUMBER 1.UNSAFEST COUNTRY WHERE THERE IS SHOOTING EVERY SECOND AND ITS COMMON HERE. AND ALSO POOREST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD MAJORITY OF 99.99 PERCENT AMERCIANS ARE SUPER POOR. ONLY 0.1 PERCENT OWN ALL THE WEALTH OF THE COUNTRY. VERY SAD😢😢😢

    Nekeisha Joseph says:

    ww3 welcome

    mahdi ghanbarnezhad says:

    I can not speak English. I translated this text into Google By killing Sardar Soleimani, Trump showed that the temperament of the animal had a trait I'm not afraid of what I'm saying Down with America Wait for the enormous defeat that is on the way, poor Trump By doing so, you have only made yourself miserable and miserable, Satan I can say with full confidence that America will one day suffer a severe defeat from Iran and the Muslim countries Down with America I'm not scared of what I'm saying and I'm ready to trump these words face to face Not only me, but all intelligent people have understood your trick Make sure all the smart people know how much you have wronged the poor people I hope and believe that you will be destroyed someday …

    Danny Boy says:

    Iran 🇮🇷 supreme leader is next! 🎊🥳 ☠️

    one says:

    Why the assassination happened in Iraq and not in the other countries, is Iraq without any sovereignty, Iraqi will decide tomorrow weather the American should stay in Iraq or not, and then Trump you should take the responsibilities, you lost the whole Iraq with this strike, I do not like Iran and Soleimani though, I just love my country Iraq as a Kurdish.

    Nwo Nwo says:

    David retire and enjoy your pension

    Farhat Zahid says:

    American not doing right thing they are thinking that they had involved Iran in the war but Americans are involved they will not spared

    Gexxy says:

    Donald trump saved our life

    mark watts says:

    Solimani turned into Salami …

    What is it??? says:

    America will realise its deadly result……

    VC says:

    The scripture says a nation who proudly proclaimed herself 'Queen, no one beside her, am no widow, suffer no loses' in Jeremiah, Isaiah & Revelation called this nation 'Daughter of Babylon / Mystery Babylon' and will burn in 1 hour!
    God even ordained the nation who will fulfil His plan.

    What nation of today is an arrogant sole Superpower who thinks she's invincible & suffer no defeat? ….. the USA!
    But she will burn in 1 hour, says the scripture.

    Translation of the clues scripture provided:
    Queen = power or might.
    No one beside her = sole
    Am no widow = will never grief.
    Suffer no loses = invincibility.

    Google Daughter of Babylon & analyse it yourself ….. if you think I interpreted it wrongly 😄

    TamA Raahh says:

    God bless hellfire missiles

    TamA Raahh says:

    Nothing better than a good old double tap

    TamA Raahh says:

    Nothing better than American BBQ

    Black Wallstreet says:

    Soleimani had rats around him…

    Reben Reben says:

    The killing of that monster Soleimani was a revenge of "Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou" assissnation of kurdish leader in Vienna back in 1989. It was the greatest news to hear for many years, well done America. Iran is ready to suppress any kurdish political movement and bombardment, let's see what they can do against America.

    Spaide man says:

    U.S love to trigger nuclear weaponed countries. Guess they are hoping for MORE Xmas presents.

    131kimber says:

    Autonomous computerized weapons system from Desert Storm (& JADE Helm) – the J.A.D.E. 2.0 Joint Airway Development & Execution weapon system that "runs the show" uses deployable Biometric databases for Surveillance, Tracking & Targeting with GEOINT/SOCOM/SIGINT. Used on terrorists is questionable but know it's used on American citizens IN the USA as well and not legally.

    Kelli Votel says:

    How are we able to have drones flying around in their air space? Could that happen here?

    Charles Porter Voice says:

    what a way to get re-elected / start ww3

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