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  • Storm Kyarr Hits Karachi Hawks bey Beach | Breaking News | BOL News

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  • Storm Kyarr Hits Karachi Hawks bey Beach | Breaking News | BOL News
    #Hurricane #StormKyarr #Karachi #Hawksbey #BOLNews

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    Uncle Majboor says:

    🙄🙄YE WALA nasha Karna he Ab 😂😂 BEHEN***

    zaisha khan says:

    Hawksbay p already pani h w kesy doby ga😒jahil

    Nida Fatima says:

    hawks bay samandar pani may doob gaya 🤯😱🤪🤐🤫
    newscaster on weed🤣🤣🤣

    Emo Khan says:

    (Hawks bay bhi pani main doob gya h )multiply by unknown times😂😂😂😂

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