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  • Stunning accounts from New Zealand mosques terror attack

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  • At least 49 people have been killed and dozens seriously injured after gunmen opened fire in two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch, a coordinated and unprecedented attack that has shocked the usually peaceful nation.


    Mike Bambur says:

    I am not surprised at all. As a Muslim living in America l feel as same as a Jew who was living in Germany in 1940.You can talk as much as you want but the truth is there is more hate day in and out.

    madtv719 says:


    Megan Cox says:

    an Cox
    I’ll feel sorry for Muslims when they apologise for all the terrorist attacks that have taken so many westeners lives, or they at least come out of hiding when it happens and show some CARE for what happened!
    I’ll feel sorry for Indonesia when their government apologises for the hideous terrorist attacks on 80 young Australians in a bar at a tourist resort who were blown apart by a bomb and whom so many burnt to death!!!
    Show some care and say sorry for all the Muslim attacks on innocent westerners and then we might not have people like this who commit revenge terrorist attacks. And NO you can’t measure them! 99% OF TERRORIST ATTACKS ARE COMMITED BY MUSLIMS!
    The reason this guy did it in NZ IS NOT BECAUSE CHRISTCHURCH IS SAFE, ITS BECAUSE HE COULDNT GET ACCESS TO THOSE WEAPONS IN AUSTRALIA! We have extremely strict gun laws and NO semi automatic weapons anymore. Which he used.

    Denmark says:

    ISIS bombing a catholic church in January in the philippines killing 20 people.
    No One Cares

    Mikael says:

    Accept Jesus while we still can

    Summer A says:

    Beware reading some of these comments in the comment section. Even after attacks like these it shows that the world is never going to change and people are gonna continue talking shit about how others “deserve to die.” It’s disgusting.

    Michael says:

    Those hypocrites will be held accountable. Mental illness alone doesn’t cause this.

    Leto77 says:

    remember when cnn spent 10 years vilifying muslims and promoting the iraq and afghanistan war? they also promoted the invasion of syria and vilified iran. they also supported obamas drone strikes in yemen, somalia, and hillaries no fly zone in libya.

    One Shot Man says:

    Personally i blame pewdiepie for the attacks.
    if you can blame islam when a terrorist shouts "allah akbar" before a terrorist attack, then i can blame pewdiepie when a terrorist mentions his name before he does a shooting. i hope a muslim living in sweden takes revenge on pewds for this lol 😀

    Jesus Islam says:

    For this Muslims are killed !!!!


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    Additionally, Muslim scholars, past and present, have also identified and in certain cases agreed on the core teachings of the Quran, of Prophet Muhammad, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, and the ‘essentials’ of Islamic Law (Shariah).

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    homo Perse says:

    he is hero 😍

    Christina Pankey says:

    They need to have security at all religions place of worship from these lunatic asshole losers

    Christina Pankey says:

    These young Muslim men raping women in Europe creates hatred among insane lunatic white terrorist who then take it out on innocent people

    Methoxypropan says:

    Too bad that he didn't kill more muslims pigs. Well done, brother.

    mashroob says:

    Muslims don’t belong in the West.

    zain zain says:

    Mosque people they will go heaven why i was not there for shaheed

    zain zain says:

    Bycot newzeland if u are muslims they are terrorists whose dat guy its religion fuck their people

    zain zain says:

    This is terrorists bycot the newzeland items plz what is the most products tell me i ll never use in my life or make the video detail

    BrownEyed Girl says:

    FF all day. 🐍🐍😈😈😈

    stjohn1974 says:

    NRA money at work

    Golden Wings says:

    One terrorist with gun can kill hundred of innocents….

    ayoub sultan says:

    Bern in hall

    Mister Lova says:

    this call Christian terrorist.not other name. thanks

    Martin Jensen says:

    Europeans are killed everyday by muslim migrants. Finally some white man, that stand up and take a stand.
    Hail Brenton Tarrant. A hero of the European people.

    Believ. GodBe. says:

    No excuse for hate..
    Terrorism have no home/country, identity or religion. …
    It´s weak .. one person act.

    Gee Gnome Project says:

    f-ing cowards always attack people as they are praying

    christchurch mosque

    tree of life synagogue

    mother emanuel ame church

    oak creek sikh temple

    overland park jewish center

    islamic center of quebec

    white christian terrorism

    Imran Usmani says:

    World are turning hell , due to illitrate politician who brain washed people , problem increasing every where even in india Hindu-Muslim every hates created by many news channel

    Xtreme says:

    Punish this Terrorist, he is terrorist so call him terrorist not a Supremacist

    Mister Jack says:

    Find a major news outlet willing to show these murderers faces. Too busy showing us r.kelly or mike jackson.

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