Seattle Police are on the scene of a shooting which left one person dead, and 7 others hurt. The suspect is still at large. READ MORE
The Winnebago County Sheriff’s office say one person is dead and several officers are injured Tuesday evening in a shooting.
Two people were killed in a mass shooting outside a nightclub in Kansas City, Missouri. More than a dozen others were injured. Savannah Rudicel reports that the Nine Ultra Lounge was hosting a celebration party [More] “Gravitational Wave “Ripples” Toward Earth in Space Give them a call at 877 646 5347. Go to Noble Gold and let them know that “influencer name” sent you. Get Your “MEGAQUAKE 2020” Tickets [More]
Multiple police officers have been shot dead in Honolulu, Hawaii. Authorities were responding to reports of a stabbing at a residence when the shooting occurred. Fire crews are also on the scene battling a fire [More]
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Attorney General William Barr revealed investigation details into the fatal Pensacola naval base attack by a Saudi national that left three dead. » Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: NBC [More]
Iran’s leaders face a third day of angry protests after admitting to a deadly attack on a commercial airliner. Iran says the missile attack that downed the Ukrainian International Airlines jet, killing 176 people, was [More]
Iranian state TV says the country ‘unintentionally’ shot down a Ukrainian jetliner because of human error. CNN’s Fred Pleitgen has more. #CNN #News