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  • Tensions High In Middle East After Iran Attack On U.S. Troops At Iraqi Bases | NBC News NOW

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  • Former U.S. Ambassador Michael McFaul talks with NBC News to examine what President Trump’s actions in Iran mean for the future of U.S. foreign policy.
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    Tensions High In Middle East After Iran Attack On U.S. Troops At Iraqi Bases | NBC News NOW


    T C says:

    My left ear is not enjoying this.

    Confederate Rooster says:

    @6:40 "I do not understand what President Trump was thinking there."
    That's because President Trump is never thinking.

    warak anda says:

    Well done Iran.. May Allah Almighty bless the Iranian people and all the ummah. Amiin.

    abegail belangel says:

    May the leaders of both country realizes that it is the innocent children being sacrificed in this war… May they humble themselves and forsees was is good for all.

    Confederate Rooster says:

    Is this chick going for the Trump hairstyle?

    Mamoud Francois says:


    Mike Burns says:

    Mr 2.5 Trump doesn't know what he doing

    Sean Duvall says:

    I played football with his son , lol small world

    GrayK47 says:

    Super unprofessional and uninformed report. News outlets are incredibly disappointing these days…

    Shantanu Roy says:

    Why U.S.A Military Base IN Iran? Is There any Iran Military Base In the USA?

    Handy Jobson says:

    Hey if you guys need an audio engineer I’m available. Someone seems to have panned the audio almost all the way to the left. There is also way too much background conversation. But it’s a small YouTube channel so I won’t be too harsh.

    Huracan Crypto says:

    Priceless 1:15 1:39 3:04 3:18 3:40 4:31 5:25 6:14

    SabreDV says:

    didn’t know battery used to interview people before holding a war machine

    bangsdagong says:

    im not russian or iranian, and id like to see us outta syria and iraq and afghanistan and libya… so am i bad too?

    Rob Van Gessel says:

    Iran's General Soleimani simply got replaced by another general (Esmail Ghaani), one maybe even more ruthless. So what did our tax money really accomplish, other than another stageshow from Cheetolini in his desperation to "look good" for next November and divert attention from the impeachment proceedings? Meantime, Russia gets all they want out of this, true to the reasons Putin placed Trump in the WH to begin with.

    hudojni4ka says:

    What an annoying interviewer. Asking questions with the weirdest speed, loudness, and abrupt fast ending…. ugh

    suryansh singh says:

    I know some people who live in middle east and they said it was quite peaceful 3 4 years back… Tensions have escalated exponentially in the last couple of years… And yeah before you say I'm biased… I'm not even from the US I'm form India

    bangsdagong says:

    Heyyyyy!! when did PINK start doing the news??

    Rose Marie Homeyer Bente says:

    Who was in charge of the sound on this interview?

    Luke Halstead says:

    Oops some one forgot to cut the room audio…how was that laugh to the question?…aaaaaaaaaalol

    Elizabeth McDougall says:

    So much attitude. This is an embarrassment.

    nick greenlee says:

    Policies and war?.. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Mark Dinero says:

    When did Pink start being a news person lmao

    graphosxp says:

    "Trump says A what do you say? Trump says B what do you say? Trump says C what do you say?" is a terrible waste of an interview with a former U.S. Ambassador.
    EXAMPLE of good questions would be "How large are the Qud forces in Iraq and could the US drive then out of Iraq without help from Iraqis themselves?", "Does Iraq Shite's even support Qud militia?", "What does Iraq's own Grand Ayatollah Sistani say about a US war with Iran fought on Iraqi soil?".

    Abel Jimenez says:

    Look out cause the Iranians are playing possum


    Our soldiers will be in danger as long they stay in the Middle East. Trump has to go.

    Nickolaos rattanasengkham says:

    Just drop some money pallets wink wink. They’ll leave us alone.

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