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    The Five 3/22/19 | Fox Breaking News March 22, 2019

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    Subic Warrior says:

    whats next dems? drinking 40s? saggy pants? smoking blunts? face tattoos? tongue piercings? spiked multicolored hair??? go ahead, embarrass yourselves, just know we are laughing at you, not with you

    Robert Woods says:

    now let's start with the billery investigation , bet that would go somewhere , DRAIN DA DAMN SWAMP

    scott says:

    Jessie's right.

    Matthew Alston says:

    Thanks Bret for telling us absolutely nothing😒

    John Mollenhauer says:

    The words of THE JUDGE, have the same standing as those of Juan Williams.
    Their desires for The President to be indicted for any issue is so blatant.
    TRUMP for 2020!!

    Karen D'Asero says:

    No soul searching because Democrats don’t have souls.

    Calli says:

    Hey Dana Perino stop saying that we know for a fact that Russia meddled in our elections because the only proof so far and I don't even call it proof is some Facebook ads that they spent $100,000 on I don't even know buying Facebook ads was illegal if you are Russian I have still yet to seen any proof of any Russian meddling Seth rich is the one who got the Wikileaks out that's why he's dead Hillary had him killed so shut the fuk up Dana u rhino bich

    Feldwebel Wolfenstool says:

    I got so excited about hearing of the Mueller Pamphlet's release…I almost soiled myself…I imagine there will be little sexual activity in democrat homes this weekend, as they realized this nothing is going nowhere..

    Gary Alvarez says:

    Historic…??.. Sure because it's old news. Probably more like prehistoric… dead as the dodo..

    John Mollenhauer says:

    Another announcement confirms there are no further indictments to be issued.
    Time for The President to sue those who have defamed him calling him all sorts of horrific names and character slurs.
    If the First Amendment prevents The President taking such legal action, then 'The First' needs to be rectified.

    wayne duarte says:

    Why aren't we talking about FOX hiring a POS ly'in RAT like Donna Brazile? Does anybody care or believe ANYTHING that stink'in bitch would say?? These brain dead people at FOX give her a platform?? Are you serious?
    Check it out patriots. These people think we're just STUPID! I wanna thro up!!

    I-want-free stuff says:

    All this over a fake dossier, paid for by the DNC…..wow

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