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    The Five 9/10/19 | Breaking Fox News Septemb­e­r 10, 2019

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    • Israel election results: who won, who didn’t, and what comes next - Vox.com September 18, 2019
      Israel election results: who won, who didn’t, and what comes next  Vox.comIsraeli exit polls showing an extremely tight race  CNNAfter Tight Israeli Election, Netanyahu’s Tenure Appears Perilous  The New York TimesThe End of the Netanyahu Era  The New York TimesDoug Schoen: Netanyahu and Gantz in tight race to lead Israel – Winner must master the art of the deal  Fox […]
    • Trump says he's ordering new sanctions on Iran - CNN September 18, 2019
      Trump says he's ordering new sanctions on Iran  CNNU.S. Satellites Detected Iran Readying Weapons Ahead Of Saudi Strike, Officials Say  NPRTo Find Clues in Saudi Oil Attacks, U.S. Examines Missile and Drone Parts  The New York TimesEditorial: Trump says he's in 'no rush' to respond to the attacks in Saudi Arabia. Let's keep it that way  Los Angeles TimesTrump […]
    • Queen returns lost toy monkey to Australian girl - NBC News September 18, 2019
      Queen returns lost toy monkey to Australian girl  NBC NewsMissing Toy Monkey Found at Buckingham Palace and Returned to Schoolgirl After Letter to Queen  PEOPLE.comLost toy monkey gets VIP treatment from Buckingham Palace staff  CNNView full coverage on Google News
    • Brexit: Talks 'should not be a pretence' warns Barnier - BBC News September 18, 2019
      Brexit: Talks 'should not be a pretence' warns Barnier  BBC NewsJean-Claude Juncker says risk of no-deal Brexit is 'palpable'  Guardian NewsBoris Johnson's suspension of Parliament probed in Supreme Court: Live updates  CNN InternationalIncredible Hulk Johnson is too scared to go to his own press conference  The IndependentGuy Verhofstadt: Boris Johnson should channel Mrs Doubtfire instead of being the angry […]
    • Australian hiker says he crawled ‘inch-by-inch’ to survive after his leg ‘snapped in half’ - Fox News September 18, 2019
      Australian hiker says he crawled ‘inch-by-inch’ to survive after his leg ‘snapped in half’  Fox NewsAustralian hiker rescued after crawling with broken leg for two days  CNNHiker drags himself through rugged Australia woods for 2 days after breaking leg, arm  NBCNews.comHiker crawls through bushland for two days after plunging down waterfall, breaking leg and wrist  PerthNowA hiker’s leg ‘clean […]
    • Doomsdays that didn’t happen: Think tank compiles decades’ worth of dire climate predictions - Fox News September 18, 2019
      Doomsdays that didn’t happen: Think tank compiles decades’ worth of dire climate predictions  Fox NewsWhile data from NASA and other top research agencies confirms global temperatures are indeed rising, a newly compiled retrospective indicates the doomsday ...
  • The Five 9/10/19
    Dana Perino, Greg Gutfeld, Jesse Watters, Juan Williams
    The team discusses the latest issues in news
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    john shilling says:

    I see that people in n.c are voting dem looks like n.c =not competant

    Long Nguyen says:

    CNN is truly the Enemy of the people.

    Ralph Amaya says:

    Juan. I am shock finally something positive about thePresident. I liked that. Just because the fact that I know if you would had said the contrary as you always do. You would had being kicked out of Fox. You are in a hot seat. So keep scoring positive points. You need that job trust me. You looked cool there. I give you a 10

    Jameswward55 Jameswward55 says:

    Who watches the media nuts I quit watching over 3 yrs

    Joel Lauson says:

    I'm sure they'll get some kind of award for this😑

    Kim Coughlin says:

    This is bloody disgusting these news people should be charged for their lies..Juan stop skipping around to try blame Trump once again
    Juan you are so in denial of the truth stop the hate mate…OMG JUAN THIS ID WHY I DON’T WATCH THIS SHOW YOU ARE AN IDIOT…C YA


    We don't need to always go to war too hurt our enemy's? Let's try a new way ? We always can go that way, but let's try something new? Ok.

    Musty68 says:

    Fire Jaun like trump did to Bolton

    Brent Graham says:

    Bolton was out before he started but was a good story teller / TRUMP 2020

    Michael Thompson says:

    CNN what another embarrassing lie


    CNN doesn't care if it's wrong! They only care about trying to hurt president Trump. & The fool's that watch them, that's all they need to hate our president that much more.
    People that watch CNN won't see the story that they where wrong. They will keep saying the same shit as CNN.
    CNN & the rest of the fake news channels are the enemy of the people.
    Just like the Democratic party is. Power hungry low life mother fuckers is all they are.

    GMP Apostol Juan Villatoro says:


    Carlos Flores says:

    Hillary Clinton walking around still but i know her time will come the true judge and his perfect justice that is our heavenly fathers almighty God YHWH he eho sent us the CHRIST

    Sally Sheldon says:

    Trump did not become Our U.S. President until 2017!
    CNN is exposed of eEvil Reports.
    Also, CNN is the News Media is MISHANDLING INFORMATION.
    Ain't it a Shame!

    John jones says:

    She's so sad the media still held back as much as they are John Bolton's a worthless piece of s*** and should be called out for it and the people that were involved with 9/11 and the Iraq War should have to answer for a lot more than they've ever had to

    Don McKeoun says:

    Its true CNN is working for national Enquirer

    Wendell Harper says:

    Main stream media shouldn't use words they don't understand. (Intelligent)

    Rey Alva says:

    Is this the right wing conservative idiot column where they complain about Juan Williams. That he is this and a that and to quit the program. Get a grip on yourselves it's just an opinion show and Juan is outnumbered. You spoiled children are lucky there is only one Juan instead of two or three liberal/progressives.

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