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    The Five 9/9/19 FULL | Breaking Fox News Septemb­e­r 9, 2019

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    • Israel election results: who won, who didn’t, and what comes next - Vox.com September 18, 2019
      Israel election results: who won, who didn’t, and what comes next  Vox.comIsraeli exit polls showing an extremely tight race  CNNAfter Tight Israeli Election, Netanyahu’s Tenure Appears Perilous  The New York TimesThe End of the Netanyahu Era  The New York TimesDoug Schoen: Netanyahu and Gantz in tight race to lead Israel – Winner must master the art of the deal  Fox […]
    • Trump says he's ordering new sanctions on Iran - CNN September 18, 2019
      Trump says he's ordering new sanctions on Iran  CNNU.S. Satellites Detected Iran Readying Weapons Ahead Of Saudi Strike, Officials Say  NPRTo Find Clues in Saudi Oil Attacks, U.S. Examines Missile and Drone Parts  The New York TimesEditorial: Trump says he's in 'no rush' to respond to the attacks in Saudi Arabia. Let's keep it that way  Los Angeles TimesTrump […]
    • Queen returns lost toy monkey to Australian girl - NBC News September 18, 2019
      Queen returns lost toy monkey to Australian girl  NBC NewsMissing Toy Monkey Found at Buckingham Palace and Returned to Schoolgirl After Letter to Queen  PEOPLE.comLost toy monkey gets VIP treatment from Buckingham Palace staff  CNNView full coverage on Google News
    • Brexit: Talks 'should not be a pretence' warns Barnier - BBC News September 18, 2019
      Brexit: Talks 'should not be a pretence' warns Barnier  BBC NewsJean-Claude Juncker says risk of no-deal Brexit is 'palpable'  Guardian NewsBoris Johnson's suspension of Parliament probed in Supreme Court: Live updates  CNN InternationalIncredible Hulk Johnson is too scared to go to his own press conference  The IndependentGuy Verhofstadt: Boris Johnson should channel Mrs Doubtfire instead of being the angry […]
    • Australian hiker says he crawled ‘inch-by-inch’ to survive after his leg ‘snapped in half’ - Fox News September 18, 2019
      Australian hiker says he crawled ‘inch-by-inch’ to survive after his leg ‘snapped in half’  Fox NewsAustralian hiker rescued after crawling with broken leg for two days  CNNHiker drags himself through rugged Australia woods for 2 days after breaking leg, arm  NBCNews.comHiker crawls through bushland for two days after plunging down waterfall, breaking leg and wrist  PerthNowA hiker’s leg ‘clean […]
    • Doomsdays that didn’t happen: Think tank compiles decades’ worth of dire climate predictions - Fox News September 18, 2019
      Doomsdays that didn’t happen: Think tank compiles decades’ worth of dire climate predictions  Fox NewsWhile data from NASA and other top research agencies confirms global temperatures are indeed rising, a newly compiled retrospective indicates the doomsday ...
  • The Five 9/9/19
    Dana Perino, Greg Gutfeld, Jesse Watters, Juan Williams
    The team discusses the latest issues in news
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    Rebajean Forever says:

    Clinton is still chasing intention and hopes for in the future to be the President. What a idiot! She needs to be on the watch list. I see her as a future shooter!

    Hein Strydom says:

    Forget everything it's about our soldiers coming back home. Stop complaining about politics. Everyone forget the most important thing Trump care. Definitely TRUMP 2020!!!!!

    Patricia Campos says:

    Never Never give up your guns! The 2nd amendment is the only reason we have the freedoms that we have!! The Democrats are communists in disguise!!! The UN wants the United States weaponless!! Once we are unarmed they will send in UN troops to send us to FEMA Camps!! Remember Obama ordered 30, 000 guillotines! Why??? Hundred thousand plastic coffins stored on private farms! Each container holds 5 bodies!! All these purchases were made by the Obama administration!! Why?? Do not be decieved by these mass shootings! They are desensitizing the public to accept the Government Via "F.B.I." KILLING AMERICANS !! I know the public still believes the BS that 9-11 was started by ISIS! It was created by ISRAEL!! Bush accomodated this sick plan in order to start a war in the middle east! Where were the weapons of mass destruction!! THERE WERE NEVER ANY WEAPONS OF MASS DESTUCTION FOUND!! THE SWAMP IS TRYING TO GET TRUMP TO GO TO WAR CUZ "IT'S ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS, BABY!! DO NOT LET TRUMP BE DECIEVED BY THE SWAMP!! CALL OR TWEET TRUMP! SAY NO TO THE DEMOCRATS PUSH FOR WAR!!! KEEP AMERICA GREAT! WWG1 WGA

    Trump 2020 USA USA USA says:

    This is Yang's little moment you'll never be the president let him have his little fun in his daydreams because mr. Yang will never be the president neither will Biden neither will Sanders neither will Warren Democratic party is the enemy of the American people and they're going down in some of the rhinos we're coming for you you dirty traitors

    Trump 2020 USA USA USA says:

    listen all you criminals are you going to jail Hillary going to jail Obama you going to jail Biden you're going to jail and your son are cold are you going to jail Rice you're going to jail all you criminals are going to jail we got all the goods on you. This will be the Trump dynasty will have Trump in 2020 we'll have another Trump in 2024 another Trump in 2028 all the way down to the first son he's the future president no more democratic party go all be in jail

    Trump 2020 USA USA USA says:

    Elizabeth Warren can act all all she wants but she'll never be the president she's a dingbat . I'm an Indian I'm an Indian. Listen dingbat Warren you're not an Indian. You're a dumb piece of democratic poll that came out of a pig's ass

    Trump 2020 USA USA USA says:

    Juan you're full of crap here's the point we try to talk and be nice remember the Bronx tale they try to be nice today bikers in the bar and they lock the front door and told the bikers now you can't leave. Trump tried to be nice and in the war. But they didn't want to so now we are going to bomb them to death we will bomb them and baughman and bomb them till there is no more Talibanwe're going to end the war cuz we're going to bomb them till they're all Dead they had their chance cuz like the Democrats you had your chance let's see what you going to do just attack our president and not do anything for our country and our American citizens your criminals can't wait to see your ass put in jail

    Trump 2020 USA USA USA says:

    Listen Juan you jackass Bush senior New world order Bush jr. New world order Clinton New world order Obama New world order they want to destroy America they have mental illness they are criminals, the wall will be built the illegals will be deported the Democrats and some Republicans that are criminals will be arrested remember we got thousands of indictments ready to be served gitmo is open, all you sex traffickers gunrunning drug running you're going down these are our politicians supposed to be for the people but they're trying to destroy America I can't wait to see them put in prison

    Trump 2020 USA USA USA says:

    Will Obama's a terrorist criminal why don't you think we need to put his ass on trial. Yeah he's going to getmo, President Obama that's not his name Barry he's from Kenya he's a criminal any tried to destroy America like the Democrats are trying to destroy America they care more about illegal criminals than American citizens the Democrats are the enemy of the American people prove that they're not

    Trump 2020 USA USA USA says:

    Juan shut your pie hole. The bushes in our government blew up the twin towers. We have an enemy it's good to try to talk to him so you don't have to fight everyone's crying cuz they're a bunch of idiots Taliban killed one of our guys so like the president said they're dead we are going to bomb the hell out of them take them back to the stone age's and one you're fake news some of Fox news is good but the rest is all fake news CNN fake news ABC fake news CBS is fake news telemundo fake news the media is the enemy of the American people the Democrats want to destroy America they are also the enemy of the people of the United States Trump 20/20 he will be the president he's coming for you criminals he's coming you better hope you're wearing your diaper cuz you're going to s*** your pants

    Scotty Belcher says:

    if youre drunk, and you run over a family of 4, and kill 2 of them..re you worried about adding the charge of attempting to evade by running from the police…Murder carries a stiff penality..one kid in connecticut killed his mother to get guns for a mass shooting..ya think he might be willing to break the law to get a gun..illegally…

    Baltazar Felix says:

    Taliban kills innocents if you do nothing and taliban kills innocents if you try peace talks.

    Ronald Wedel says:

    Just you've never been to Afghanistan or irak or kosova or Bosnia or Syria or any of those places where we went we need to be there until we can leave on our terms so shut up about you're so called opion I was in irak from 03 to 07 then Afghanistan I wish you would go there and put you're life on the line you mutt you and your Dems are morons we already have background checks you stupid people God bless America and all us veterans

    Rick Mayer says:

    I'm sick of the Jaun Williams show. The Getfeld show is entertaining this is boring.

    Aerosmith Tribute Rag Doll says:

    I got a great idea. We give up our guns if media government officials and every liberal and millionaire give up their protection,guns and live in the projects in Chicago for a year

    Robert James George says:

    Fuck the Middle East, put our troops with our only ally, Israel, and let the rest destroy themselves; maybe then, the non Extremists Islamics will finally stand up and deal with the problem. We shouldn't lose a single life in Middle East, just contain the insanity (let the fire burn itself out).

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