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  • The Ingraham Angle 10/30/19 | Fox Breaking News October 30, 2019

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  • The Ingraham Angle 10/30/19 [FULL]
    Fox Breaking News Laura Ingraham October 30, 2019
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    Publius Ventidius Bassus says:

    Democrats melodramatically claiming that President Donald Trump is the worst President and the most dangerous President in American history is exactly the same as Southern Democrat Slave Owners hysterically and rabidly claiming that President Abraham Lincoln is the worst and most dangerous President in American history because Republican Abolitionist President Abraham Lincoln despises and hates the Southern Democrat institution of SLAVERY Of Blacks and all other enslavement of any human beings anywhere on Earth and President Lincoln is determined to abolish ALL SLAVERY from the North American continent and from the entire Western Hemisphere especially when President Lincoln ordered the U.S. Navy to capture and impound all Slave Ships anywhere on any ocean or sea and arrest the captain and crew and repatriate all captive Black Slaves to the coast of West Africa or South Africa and that happened many times in history in cooperation with the British Royal Navy Anti-Slavery operations.

    robert smith says:

    pierre delecto, how did he ever slime into Utah and get elected to the senate?

    Trevorkian says:

    white flight is real we all know that and we all know why

    Dave S says:


    Trevorkian says:

    Laura is right not only will i not support the gop if they dont support Trump i will actively support democrats id rather die a quick death than a slow one

    Trevorkian says:

    id give my left nut if theyd skip the stupid banter in the beginning i cant stand Hannity

    Nokomarie says:

    Laura Ingraham, it's almost like you're COMPLETELY FULL OF SHIT or something.

    Just a girl * says:

    The show cut out before I heard Laura's statement of the future of her show!!

    william d says:

    1/2 episode….. wish you would run full show

    sonnyblack0870 says:

    Who’s the bigger wimp, John Legend or Republicans?

    IM4NRA says:

    I'm through with standing by while republicans and democrats throw away my vote. Somebody needs to stand for the President as he's not granted access to his own defense! Democrats need to be executed for treason! Without trial!

    Margie Peary says:

    Isn't there anything in the Constitution or rules of Congress that can stop the "Schiff Show?" We're supposedly such a powerful nation yet we can't even stop this crap from within? Something is terribly wrong!!!

    StephenNu9 says:

    Why does Fox News put any veracity in Politico polls.

    Craigs architecture and video says:

    Anyone not voting to support the president will be voted out of office soon at least by me and every other supporter of the president and the Constitution

    bodybuilder slave says:

    Eric Caramelia is the whistleblower

    Stephanie Alexander says:

    WTH? You were tearing down a Purple Heart army Lt Col last night. Whether you admit it or not #45 is not fit to be President NEVER was!

    Ronaldreganfan says:

    I truly do love Biden ……… not him personally….. but his blunders.
    Truly he reminds me of hillary during the 2016 election.

    Ronaldreganfan says:

    Are these the same polls that had hillary at 97% ?
    Just curious

    Spark s says:

    Yes we are watching you senators McConnell and GRAHAM.

    Tiger Dave says:

    Time for Romney to skedaddle.

    David Espinoza ESPI's Opinion says:

    The moment chris hann comes out I AM OUTA HEAR

    Laleesh Pleetu says:

    Michael AND Chris! Laura, you mad? That was sadistic! Don't do that, Sis.

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