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    The Ingraham Angle 6/2/19 | Breaking Fox News June 2, 2019

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    • Puerto Rico governor announces he will not seek re-election but refuses to resign - Fox News July 22, 2019
      Puerto Rico governor announces he will not seek re-election but refuses to resign  Fox NewsPuerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello announced Sunday he will not seek re-election but refused to resign, as corruption allegations have sparked widespread ...View full coverage on Google News
    • ISRO's Second Launch Attempt For Chandrayaan-2 At 2:43 pm Today - NDTV July 22, 2019
      ISRO's Second Launch Attempt For Chandrayaan-2 At 2:43 pm Today  NDTVIndia reschedules botched ‘world first’ Moon mission for Monday after failed launch last week  The SunIndia Reschedules Moon Mission  U.S. News & World ReportChandrayaan-2 Launch Live Stream: Lift-Off Time, How to Watch Mission Launch Live on Mobile, PC  NDTVIndia’s quest to take the ISRO to the top  Quartz IndiaView full […]
    • Tainted alcohol kills at least 19, officials say - ABC News July 22, 2019
      Tainted alcohol kills at least 19, officials say  ABC NewsThe victims consumed the tainted alcohol in various cities across the county.View full coverage on Google News
    • Millions of Barrels of Iranian Oil Are Piled Up in China's Ports - Bloomberg July 22, 2019
      Millions of Barrels of Iranian Oil Are Piled Up in China's Ports  BloombergNew Audio Of Iranian Seizure Of British Tanker | NBC Nightly News  NBC NewsIran tanker seizure shows oil price has become a 'broken barometer' for Mideast tension  CNBCIran tanker seizure: May to chair Cobra meeting on crisis  BBC NewsOil gains as Gulf tanker seizure raises tensions  ReutersView full […]
    • Anna Wintour dodges questions about Melania Trump's style, praises Michelle Obama instead - AOL July 22, 2019
      Anna Wintour dodges questions about Melania Trump's style, praises Michelle Obama instead  AOLMelania Trump: ‘Superficial’ - First Lady's aide savages Michelle Obama in fiery rebuke  Express.co.ukMichelle Obama praised as BEST ambassador to US by Anna Wintour who ignores Melania  Express.co.ukView full coverage on Google News
    • Navy sends nuclear submarine to Gulf after Iran seizes British oil tanker - Express.co.uk July 22, 2019
      Navy sends nuclear submarine to Gulf after Iran seizes British oil tanker  Express.co.uk'Alter your course:' Hear tense audio before Iran seized UK-flagged ship  CNNAudio released of Iran-British Navy exchange before oil tanker seizure  Fox NewsThe Guardian view on Iran’s seizure of a British tanker: dangerous waters ahead  The GuardianIran is upping the ante in the Gulf. The UK must […]
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    The Ingraham Angle 6/2/19 | Breaking Fox News June 2, 2019
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    william zabiski says:

    if Russia was meddling during Obama's time . then it's his job to prevent / obstruct it.

    pickle rick says:

    I think whats going on is that they're doing a test on the American people to see how much these crooked politicians can get away with before the American people will say enough is enough and rise up and do something about it but that'll never happen! There is so much proof that HRC, Obamas, the Bush's, Comey, Loretta Lynch, I can go on and on, so much evidence of them breaking laws to get locked up now but they're not going to lock them up! What the MSM will continue to do is keep feeding us all this information about these corrupt cronies and how more evidence been found against these corrupt politicians to see how we react and right now they are loving it because it's just what they expect from us! A bunch of yelling, pouting, texting out our feelings about the injustice that's going on in D.C and that's all the resistance the elites will get from us sheeple. I know im just as guilty but it is what it is and things are only gonna get more crazy and we'll just accept it. No one will go to jail and we'll move on until the next big scandal which will be far worse and they already know we'll be ready to do nothing

    Homesick Clifford can't go home again says:


    ryan thatcher says:

    so much bullshit coming out of these 2s mouths

    bodie white says:

    why is peter stock getting away with trying to stop trump

    bodie white says:

    now rudy is giving them away out this is unbelievable. knowing or unknowing.

    Bill Lee says:

    Laura…you have to learn to shut the fuck up and let your guest finish their thoughts

    Will says:

    What crazy times we are living in😳

    August Mezzetta says:

    Knowing or negligent. These assholes are all going to walk. He's laying the groundwork as Barr also said no treason.

    Hugh Carson says:

    Are these people ever going to be arrested and charged? I am starting to think it will never happen, to much talk and still no action.

    German Research Project says:

    Charge, try, convict, and then rope up the traitors. OK, before hanging, give them a Nobel Peace Prize, a Pulitzer Prize, a Metal of Freedom and then an Oscar—then hang them.

    Senator ELVIS says:

    Peter Pecker Stork needs to be hunted down,,,, and dealt with in the most Severe Brutal Way !!!!!!!!

    Dwayne Cheeke says:

    Wish I could get payed for two years just to say ‘I don’t know ‘

    Dave Bentley says:

    Did he get the gun from two weight lifting dudes at 2:00 am at a Subway in "Chiraq" ?

    Kellis Mom says:

    Today's democrat party is evil and corrupt. They hate President Trump so much that they are losing their freakin minds trying to do anything to remove him from office. Democrat ends in rat.

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