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  • The Jump | [BREAKING NEWS] Do you wish load managenent existed in the 2000s?

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  • Do you wish load managenent existed in the 2000s?
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    Craigslist Reply says:

    They've stretched the NBA season to start early october and no hand-check to make it basically just running, jumping, shooting 3s and these bitches today still want load management.

    Crow_2k11 Beats By Dre says:

    Giannis has big eye raising stats so far and (zero) rings. Where was those stats in Game 5 and 6 of 2019 ECF?

    Ranz Sebastian says:

    Load Management -> cheating your paying fans 😁

    Marcus .Carvalho says:

    Rather have healthy squads in April than November!!!!

    MisterWessells says:

    visit united artist support https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kQJpy5FAwg

    John Mike says:

    Is that Kirk hinrich lol

    Massiah San says:

    Why is there load management to begin with?!? The league isn’t hard anymore, the way the game was played back in the day was a lot more physical and there was NO such thing as load management, so why should there be load management now in this era of ball where it’s much less physical?!? 🤦🏽‍♂️

    jessie gomez says:

    Kawhi is a Diva since his last season as a spur.faking an injury and taking 20 days off last season.hes a pussy that should go play in the wnba.

    ky yin says:

    Player should be suspended for each flop the benefits from. That's the way to stop players flopping

    sholove Sholove says:

    The hype train for kawhi is real! Giannis averaging 32/13/5, aaaand MFs act like kawhi is the shut down guy! Smh

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