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  • TOTB! #347 CaliWildfires, RIPPops, KevinHart, NieceyNashDivorce & more

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    rasaan2011 says:

    Makeup or not your skin is beautiful & you're gorgeous Rox!!🤗❤

    Kay Nezzie says:

    I haven't had a Popeyes 🥪, but I've had a Patti 🍑 cobbler and it was good


    That's exactly why I didn't watch that video he released! Why are you even making a video about it? He's trash. IDC. I never wish anything bad on anyone but I DONT SEE IT FOR THAT BOY SO👊🏼

    V Thomas says:

    I work for the government and we’re preparing ourselves for a shutdown in November 🤷🏾‍♀️ smh. Trump will shutdown in order to stall the impeachment

    tc g says:

    Rox for years ive heard u speak of ur Mom's passing and i always shed a tear. Yesterday my Mom passed and all those feelings i heard u talk about i now feel. Its a pain i cant describe but like u im gonna try to keep going

    naries21 says:

    It’s getting ridiculous with these fires 🔥 in California it’s fires every years now

    Renevalle Kissila says:

    Niecy Nash husband is probably feeling like cuz that's how they got together perhaps?! But he sounds insecure after 8 years! He should get busy with his own career and her support his wife with hers! He was probably missing them bj she was giving him every morning whilst she was in new Orleans 🤣 I'm sad about their divorce but oh well if you ain't happy, you gotta do what you gotta Scooby do😂🤣 hey Rox you are just glowing!!!!


    Hmmmm they can miss me with that Popeye’s sandwich, I’ll stick with Chick Fi La 😂😂

    Penny-N-Co says:

    I feel the same about 45…😒

    E.Michelle says:

    No the 70's isn't old anymore.

    Jojo Ma says:

    As far as Niecy Nash, maybe the reason they are getting a divorce now is because she ain’t dropping down to her knees to give him a blowjob 🤷🏾‍♀️😂 I mean they don’t live together so ain’t no head happening for Jay 😉

    Body Transformation says:

    I felt the same way about that Kevin Hart video. I'm glad he's doing better but that video was too much.

    Nadine Thomas says:

    Rox, you’re not being haterish regarding Kevin Hart, I think your instincts and feelings about his motivation for releasing this video is spot on. I also don’t wish him harm either, but the story of the car crash has been questionable from jump. I think the TIMING of the video is a part of damage control since the public is side eye him already. IMO, the release of the video is also to gather sympathy so we the public won’t be as harsh in our judgement of him and the circumstances of the car accident, pandering to our emotions if you will. Just my opinion.

    Kay Nezzie says:

    Hilarious in my auntie high pitch voice "we just blow jobing all the damn time" 😂😂😂😂


    No you are not wrong about Kevin, like one of the Roxstars said deflecting ass video. Anywho Get well


    That was me who sent the Daily Mail about Neicy ☝🏾LOL

    AfroAsia Chik says:

    That Kevin Hart story is sooo off. Back injury and someone moved him that were not doctors? And you left your friends bleeding in YOUR car? Hell naw. The milk is NOT CLEAN. He’llwrite the truth in his memoir years from now.

    Keisha Charmaine says:

    John Witherspoon literally uploaded a ghetto gourmet cooking video to his channel the day before he passed. He spoke on how much he was gonna be doing in 2020 with Friday and The Boondocks. Nobody saw this coming. RIP love you Pops! 77 isn’t really that old to me either and I’m 28. My 78 year old great uncle does landscaping!

    belcollege says:

    It is going to be hard for Kevin Hart to get somebody to insure his movies and projects. Good Luck.

    MadameMakeupp says:

    The fires here have been soooo crazy.. it's like every week.. couldn't go to work for 2 days.. it's a fire today.. yikes

    OneDimple1 says:

    I agree 100% about Kevin Hart & you're not wrong for feelng like that. I'm glad he's okay but I don't think a video was needed & the whole story is fishy already.

    Slim Jim says:

    Kevin was cheating again idc what anyone says 🙄

    Shay Davis says:

    That video was a mess Rox. It was his way to show people she was okay as well as put content on his own network which I’m sure was struggling for the few month he’s been out. He’s always been self-absorbed and a bit narcissistic.

    tamcar04 says:

    You're not wrong about Kevin…I never even bothered to watch it because I KNEW his video was gonna be some self indulgent bullshit. I keep scrolling every time i see it in my TL.

    Sarah Douglas says:

    Ms. Rox I think the word you’re looking for as it pertains to Kevin Hart is “ VANITY”

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