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  • Transcript of key diplomat's testimony in impeachment inquiry released

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  • A State Department official told lawmakers that Rudy Giuliani’s attacks were part of a “campaign of lies” against the former Ukraine ambassador, according to a transcript released Thursday.

    Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Kent testified that President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer’s actions contributed to his decision not to speak out internally about Giuliani in the run up to the July phone call between Trump and the Ukrainian President. Kent, who oversees US policy on Ukraine, told lawmakers that he did not the speak to anyone at State to express his concerns about Giuliani because he had previously been told to “keep my head down” after Giuliani attacked him by name.

    “I did not, in part because after Giuliani attacked me, as well as (then-US ambassador to Ukraine Marie) Yovanovitch and the entire embassy, in his late May interview, I was told to keep my head down and lower my profile in Ukraine,” Kent testified in October.

    Kent’s testimony provides new insight into how then-US special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker and US Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland worked with Giuliani on Ukraine, as well as the reactions inside the State Department to Giuliani’s efforts that Kent and others say ran counter to US foreign policy. The three coordinated a draft statement for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to announce investigations into the 2016 election and Burisma, the company that hired former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden.
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    Jestermon1 says:

    So, just ignoring what the President of the Ukraine said.

    CeCe Crow says:

    Remove Strumpf and Pence.. Both guilty! Corruption, betrayal of the people of America and the Law..

    David L says:

    Elections have consequences. The American people spoke during the 2018 midterm elections and took away subpoena power from the GOPs.

    David L says:

    Waiting on Fox Entertainment Department (Hannity, Tucker, Ingraham) to distract with the Durham/Barr probe that's going nowhere.

    Andrew Galpern says:

    Spence is an evil robot. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST!

    Dan Doris says:

    Sure seems like a bunch of crap…. First off i'm really apolitical meaning i don't care for demon-craps nor repulsicans, in the end we have a bunch of entitled people manipulating a system to work it for their own benefit. Would argue not on political lines but more in respect to those in the "House & Senate" vs. "We the sheepole" and how to manipulate the system for their own personal gain. In the end they get power/rich all the while they manipulate things by getting the average person in the U.S. to argue amoung ourselves…. Really more to distract us so they can stay in power. George Orwell was so close to saying this in his book 1984… If you haven't read it, might be well worth to read it.

    But that said the problem is the have the demon-craps to manipulate the system that someone can be accused by a person and remain anonomouss is complete B.S. Simply because the U.S. legal system, and lets be clear i don't like the person that was so bold and proud about grabbing a woman by the "P"… But our laws do say that one is entitled to face their accusers.

    Closing i'd ask at what point to we lower the system we have in the U.S. to allow certain politically motivated people to suppress us… The people… We deserve better… And the worse part out of all of this, first thing i mentioned to a friend of mine when i heard the to candidates in the last election would be Hitlery and T-rump…. Was these are the two best people we can get to run the county… Honestly i'm more with the people here in that we deserve better leaders than this, and in the end why i'm really more apolitical these days as neither party, as much as they might suggest really are servants for the people they represent as they should be vs being more interested in lining their own pockets at our (the people's) expense…

    wolfman02 says:

    Oh, Pence says it was just a "personal" call, not a diplomatic one? Guess what? Not even a President makes "PERSONAL" calls that use American military aid as bait. You don't get to dangle THAT for your "PERSONAL" calls! The Pentagon designated it. Congress voted on and passed it. It's a national asset, not your own PERSONAL plaything!!

    cpreciado2008 says:

    Protect whistleblowers

    ben nuckols says:

    cnn is a mouth piece for the communist dems so obvious

    ben nuckols says:

    dems are such desperate freaks

    ben nuckols says:

    ERIC CARMELA is the whistleblower aka cia leaker

    Tupac Shakur says:

    feliz navidad

    Dylan Fahey says:

    Pence is a lying fuck. He thinks the world is 4000 years old, and that his wife should stay in the kitchen. Fuck Pence and his kind.

    Russell Berwick says:

    So Trump would have to be an idiot to skip the election and run off to Russia to see Putin and his parade. That's why I believe he'll go. What do you want to bet that tonight he'll be dreaming of a shirtless Putin riding on a really big nuke, with some big guns, in a military parade? It'll drive him nuts to try and stay away from his man. Just watch.

    DonnaMarie113 says:

    Widely respected, beloved, a patriot.
    Three words that doubtfully Trump cannot use in a sentence.

    Max Rockwell says:

    Time to fade out the overly dramatic music out sooner…. Thank You!

    Erica the Magnificent! says:

    Why does this women's hair look green?

    TONI MARTIN says:

    Nothing will make lying Trump innocence.

    John Dexter says:

    Banana republic republicans are a nightmare.

    greg knight says:

    Jessica Schneider inbred Jew cock sucker

    greg knight says:

    Jessica Schneider inbred Jew cock sucker

    greg knight says:

    Jessica Schneider inbred Jew cock sucker

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