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  • TRUM'P BREAKING NEWS 1/12/20 | Breaking Fox News January 12, 2020

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    Jaguar says:

    Oh God America traitors go and lick asses for terrorist

    Henry Brooke says:

    Shut down the fake news,propaganda,and let them tells their lies in Iran! Duh! Common sense. Amen.

    English Terry says:

    These so called experts are like the media a waste of fucking time ,if you want to know anything listen to the man himself Trump 2020 ….

    Terry Hobbs says:

    I am a huge Fox fan, but to the comments of Griff Jenkins…..Lets get it straight. It is the job of the American people to hold the elected officials accountable, not the media. Your job is to report the facts (which Fox News does), period. The mentality that the media is some how holding the political reins is exactly why CNN, MSNBC and all of the other liberal networks are tanking their ratings right now. Know your place.

    John Edmond says:

    The Communist Democrat media need to buy the rest of the word checks and dictionaries so they can portray the English language as more than a collection of pejorative fake news.

    Try a FIVE letter word, look it up, it is spelled TRUTH.

    NOT a JOE BIDEN FIVE, a real five.

    T bair says:

    It should have been a’ read flagg’ , not just obummer announcing our next military move , airing it for world to hear and giving those targeted time to prepare…but the GWBush , saying we will invade iraq in 3 months …it gave iraq a lot of time to remove weapons ( seen on night visioned filming Very Many Convoys of Trucks crossing neighboring borders , Who then when Hussein got yanked out of hole those countries got to keep what they were holding for Hussein by default because he went bye bye 👋 , these neighboring countries are not our allies and now have what’s to be believed to be in those , Again , many on regular occasions crossing over into bordering lands convoy trucks carrying weapons, either chemical or arms/ nukes ?

    Rosemarie Spataro says:

    So are you suggesting to wait for the attacks to happen?

    Pal VB says:

    Listen you media hacks, you don't HAVE to know what the administration strategy is for every operation, BECAUSE the other side or adversary must NOT know either. Keeping an enemy off guard and unsure of response is vital. Constant criticism encourages the adversary and only exacerbates any crisis.

    Rosemarie Spataro says:

    Intentional downing of a civilian plane?


    might makes right TRUMP 2020

    artmakersworlds says:

    Maybe Pocahontas and BS should go LIVE in Iran. They sure have no place here.

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