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  • TRUM'P BREAKING NEWS 10/30/19 | Breaking Fox News Octo­b­e­r 30, 2019

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    Dave Carlson says:

    A dam CIA Agent created a complaint to start a new impeachment.

    So CIA agents can spy on anyone and instead of digging for truths just fill out a whistleblower report.

    Tell the scum on the show it was being investigated 5 months before the call…

    Beth Weaver says:

    The truth will come out in the Senate if this impeachment goes to trial in the Senate. This is what the House dems are worried about.

    NewmiesDad says:

    Schiff is a TERRIBLE ghost writer – EVERY SINGLE character he invents is exactly the same person. He can't remove his own id from the page.

    frankwhiz says:

    Underlying behavior? Are you a psychologist a psycho analyst? WTF? wHere in the conversation was a demand made, YOU CANT FIND IT!

    Dorothy Green says:

    Pelosi has already said, that it doesnt matter what the American people think about the impeachment hearing, in other words, WE DONT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, WE ONLY CARE ABOUT POWER AND MONEY TO LINE OUR POCKETS!!!!!!!!!

    Love AndLight says:

    all we've seen so far is the United States government wasting taxpayer money riding her face this impeachment is not going to happen we know it American people know it the intelligent people know it this is all psychotic this is abuse of power of our own government the United States government does not care about the American people at all we are sick of them

    Jane Lee says:

    I am so~~~sick of what the Democrat's leadership have been doing. What they are doing to the President is only deeply rooted for their selfish reasons and evil , not for the sake of people or for the nation. I encorage all republican leaders to follow the principles of our God in handling of this matter. Our living God is the rightious Judge who knows what to do with these evil peple. God , have mercy and grace for this nation and bless our President with wisdom and courage !!

    Kedric Pitman says:

    Thanks Libturds Putin and China are rolling on the floor laughing at the circus the US has now become, wait I'll change that the US Government is now a laughing stock of the world. Pat yourselves on the back Libturds!

    Epic Conners says:

    Whistleblower just turned on the light switch. Over 6 decelerated people have credited his story. TRUMP admitted it. At this point the the whistleblower is not even needed. Impeach This Bitch

    Velvet Hammer says:

    This is about Democrats making a mountain out of a molehill….AGAIN….cooking up nothingburgers with a side of lie fries AGAIN ….The Democrats endorse eavesdropping, second hand information, making OPINION of an unelected leaker equal to a criminal determination, denying our president due process, acting like communists by interrogating people behind closed doors. THIS IS ALL UNHINGED, INSANITY …..IN PLAIN SIGHT !!!!!

    Dustin Brooks says:

    1st…it's his OPINION, not fact otherwise the call record would reflect what he is saying.
    2nd…he probably voted for Killary.

    Safe Space Cafe News Music Comedy says:

    sup, man long time no see…

    jserrato714 says:

    The day that I see Joe Biden and his tweaker son in handcuffs, will be the day that I agree with
    Impeaching the best president America has seen. Latinos for Trump!

    wendy leigh says:

    Vinny is a liar! Its that simple! The Prez of Ukraine already said, "THERE WAS NO PRESSURE." No means NO!

    Mary Gorka says:

    Why do you think they call old creepy Uncle Joe creepy loves to touch children. He is creepy and so is his son and they're crooked as the day is long. Where's Obama endorsing Biden not

    Mary Gorka says:

    I have a question why is no one asking questions about Joe Biden's surgery he had in the 1980s was brain surgery calm down his urge to touch children. The results were the surgery fail. The people around him would say they noticed and heard him say I have to choke the chicken before I get around kids. Look it up see what choke in the chicken means


    How much more DO We have to hear, to conclude that Schiff concocted this whole thing. Schiff, the liar in chief, IS whistleblower. In other words, there is no other person who could possibly be in charge of this scam on the American public, as well as Congress. He is so full of himself, thinking he can do no wrong, he is tearing the rule of law apart. When will this stop?

    Wesley Mason says:

    I guess I’ll comment until this over. First just go read the transcript. Takes 2 minutes. Now you can agree with both parties on the phone. No illegal quid pro quo. Your now done with all this distraction. Second, we all say drain the swamp, so the next question is how. Answer, vote them out. But there is problem. They lie, cheat steal etc etc. The voting process is broken or rigged in there favor. So get congress to secure a voter ID. Get them to investigate and make laws that fix any unfair policies and practices that can not be validated. Make sure rules are in place that ensure voting machines have backup and verifiable hard copy data. Etc etc. That is the most important thing that needs to done. Ignore this BS news and get working on this. Or it will be too late. Dems will rig the system at every level and steal your vote again. There win this way is exactly how they want to win. Because you know they rigged it, but they would have the win on there side this time. This would outrage the people who would revolt against the government this time. This allows them to get martial law, gun control, and get rid of those that don’t go alone with their insane actions. End Game! We lose freedom and have to have a civil war to get it back. All while the deep state is laughing at us. Take action now if your involved in these systems.

    Nick Mild says:

    Schiff should be arrested for the Coup!

    ALr says:

    Ttump calling out Lt. Col. Vindman as a never trumper?

    I think I’ll take the word of a foreign born Purple Heart recipient who has a love of this country over a silver spoon fed draft dodging coward in the White House

    PR Dragon Queen says:

    Jeffries you need to shut the hell up with your vampire teeth. The Demon has you possessed.

    Mike Mcleskey says:

    The Law reads you have a right to face accuser,Trump is gona Eat yall alive,The truth will come out.

    Tom Worden says:

    Join the movement. The GSM is out of the closet. We are silent no more.

    Mary Gorka says:

    Can you say it's a coup, c o u p, c o u p, c o u p, c o u p, c o u p, c o u p, c o u p, wake up c o u p.

    CM Wilson says:

    Adam Schiff can not act as a Prosecutor he would have to recuse himself because of his meeting with the informant.!!

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