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  • TRUM'P BREAKING NEWS 1PM 10/30/19 | Breaking Fox News October 30 2019

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  • TRUM’P BREAKING NEWS 1PM 10/30/19 | Breaking Fox News October 30 2019


    Monica A. says:


    Willie Coles says:

    Fuck the Democrats and liberals. We are waiting to start the war against them.some Democrats will die.

    backpackingonline says:

    ..attempt to overthrow the legitimate government.

    ..by abuse of process.

    Maria Asturias says:

    Collins and lawansky are two traitorous women to the Republican party! Vote them out. Romney may have a change of heart! I hope!

    Émilie Kennedy says:

    Collins and Murkowski , Romney are Rino Communist. They will end up hated by Both Republicans and honest Democrats.

    Lawrence Nelson says:

    The Democrats are the Know Nothing Party of the 21ST Century wake up Wake up America

    LovelyApples says:

    Trump needs to stay away from drunks like Matt Gaetz and Jeanine Pierro , Trump will picked a better stooge, like Rudy Giuliani.

    Patrick Cohoon says:

    Every Demon Rat in Congress on both sides needs challenged for their seat . We the People of the USA stand against evil and for Law and Order. Thank God for President Trump in Jesus name.

    Fabrication hobby says:

    Is this crap blocking the IG report ???

    Fabrication hobby says:

    WHEN the HELL is Someone going to get These Democratic Retards out of office ?

    Jane Feeney says:

    It's time for President Trump to shut down the Government. Make the arrests. Pelosi I think is only having this vote as they don't have anything. So if the impeachment inquiry is voted down. They can blame their failure on the vote.

    wendy leigh says:

    I dont care how many purple heart's the Dems drag in. Even people in uniform can be morally unethical! Tulsi Gabbard, John McCain, now this douche!

    Albert Jackson says:

    Why in hell does YouTube say this was one hour ago this was 2 days ago I am just about fed up this you tube bull shit and all their fucking ads where they make millions on these ads I did not come here to watch the mother fucking ads this will be my last fucking day combing here these mother fuckers can sell this fucking ads but I will not be back they are democrate loving mother fuckers and I hope all will burn in hell

    Janet Leslie says:

    It's obvious to everyone with a brain that the President is being treated with no respect. For the last three years the president has put up with almost impossible circumstances. This is disgraceful and no one in the world likes how awful this part of the government has behaved. I hope these people lose their jobs

    Dieu Temple says:

    That’s the most stupid comment from Lt, No record but opinions.

    wendy leigh says:

    I hope the list of traitors to our Prez. gets published so we can see who all needs to be sent to hell in a hand basket come election time!

    Edith Glover says:

    Swift is a liar and leaker. They never believed him before, now they think he's got something to tell. Give us a break. Stop waisting our time and our tax dollars.

    Ricardo Jibaja says:

    Vindma's saying is just an opinion. And it not a fact. The fact is the transcript of the real conversation.
    Period. I don't know how can an opinion can be considered a fact!!!
    Congress and the news are a joke!

    Fred Bretz says:

    I've wondered why Romney punted two debates with Obama after doing so well in the first. It's starting to look like he wanted the Democrat to win. PLEASE primary this RINO.

    Chris Miller says:

    Since when does "certain concerns" equate to Impeachment? And what about the Obama administration using Foreign Agents, Russia, Ukraine, et al to try and rig that last election? Man, the older I get the more I DESPISE those swamp rats in DC! They are the worst kind of corrupt…….

    Janet Leslie says:

    What a joke. All that fuss over nothing. Pelosi and Schiff should loose their jobs. Ones to stupid and crooked the others to old and lost all her common sense

    mikemax1000 says:

    I am fed-up with all the commercials…..am I alone in this attempt to discourage us from listening?

    Fred Bretz says:

    I disagree with the "witness". I expect the US president to oppose corruption, and being a Democrat does not give you a pass to avoid investigation. Being a candidate certainly did not exempt Trump from investigation.

    Gary Brodziak says:

    Romney has cooked his own Goose…….

    Charles Gibbens says:

    Hold the Democratis for high treason and exacut all of them on the white house lawn on national TV NOW THEY ARE ALL GUILTY OF TRESON WE THE PEOPLE WANT THEM ALL GONE

    Terry Tannatt says:

    What the hell is wrong with Utah? They vote for DJT then vote a known enemy of his into a key support position. I think we should have IQ tests to qualify for voting (hyperbole). Like Churchill said (paraphrased) 'The best argument against democracy is a 10 minute conversation with the average voter'.

    Steven Corey says:

    The irony is if Warren becomes the democrat nominee. Biden would then become a private citizen and no longer Trump's political rival…

    Daniel Woods says:

    Adam schiff is grooming the whistle blower to sabotage Our President and our constitution

    Lucky Luciano says:

    Pelosi is a disgrace Hanging out with the likes of Schumer, Schiff, Nadler .Shame on you Pelosi. You have no Spine.

    Roxanne Holt-Abernathy says:

    TRUMP 2020. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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