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  • TRUM’P BREAKING NEWS 1/18/20 | Breaking News TRUMP Fox News January 18, 2020

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    • Trump pardons former 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr. - CNN February 18, 2020
      Trump pardons former 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr.  CNNRaw Video: 49ers Legend Jerry Rice On Presidential Pardon Of Eddie DeBartolo Jr.  KPIX CBS SF Bay AreaPresident Trump pardons former 49ers owner Edward DeBartolo Jr.  ESPNTrump Pardon's Ex-San Francisco 49ers Owner Edward DeBartolo Jr. in Corruption Scandal  QuickTake by BloombergTrump signs surprise pardon for felon convicted of failing to report […]
    • Amie Harwick died of blunt force injuries to her head and torso, coroner officials say - Los Angeles Times February 18, 2020
      Amie Harwick died of blunt force injuries to her head and torso, coroner officials say  Los Angeles TimesThe Price Is Right Production on Hold Following the Death of Drew Carey's Ex-Fiancée Amie Harwick  Yahoo EntertainmentEx-fiancée of Drew Carey found dead below third-floor balcony of Hollywood Hills home  CrimeOnlineFriend of murdered sex therapist Amie Harwick describes suspect as a […]
    • 6 DC-area companies make Fortune’s best companies list — including No. 1 - WTOP February 18, 2020
      6 DC-area companies make Fortune’s best companies list — including No. 1  WTOP100 Best Companies to Work For  FortuneCisco is #4 on Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For Ranking  Yahoo FinanceWhich Pa. convenience store was named one of the best places to work?  PennLiveWhich are the best companies to work for?  FortuneView Full Coverage on Google News
    • Kickstarter workers vote to unionize - TechCrunch February 18, 2020
      Kickstarter workers vote to unionize  TechCrunchKickstarter Employees Win Historic Union Election  VICEKickstarter becomes first major tech company to unionize - Business Insider  Business InsiderKickstarter workers vote to form first union in tech industry  NBC NewsKickstarter employees vote to unionize, relieving tension among creators  PolygonView Full Coverage on Google News
    • Apple Stock Sinks On China Coronavirus Concerns - Investor's Business Daily February 18, 2020
      Apple Stock Sinks On China Coronavirus Concerns  Investor's Business DailyApple Signals Coronavirus’s Threat to Global Businesses  The New York TimesApple revenue will be hit as coronavirus creates iPhone supply shortages, company warns  CNNApple Is Handcuffed to the iPhone. Just Like Its Customers  BloombergEconomists warn coronavirus risk far worse than realized  AxiosView Full Coverage on Google News
  • Breaking News TRUMP 1/18/20
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    multisphere1 says:

    Sure , go ahead with corruption, business as usual . Who will get more Dems or conservatives ?! Certainly not us.

    Steve Mcclain says:

    Lock up democrat Anti Constitutionalists!! Treason is a high crime .

    rkt.smokey3 says:

    We are from Colorado, WE DO NOT TRUST ANY OF THE DEMOCRATS ELECTED!!! Bennet Lies!!!! WWG1WGA

    BLADE STEEL says:

    If Hillary was president, she would had the run of the government and do whatever she wanted. No one would had dared to say anything. TRUMP2020!

    Tom says:

    Dems are putting up a phony trial to get as many Reps out and off the campaign trail between now and 2020 elections. What a way to help fix an election. They are going to drag it out as long as they can. But, I hope the Reps can get Hunter Biden on the stand.

    Daniel Peterson says:

    Wow lessoning to the democrat lie about the two debts the federal government has all on Trump and give all the jobs that was made to Obama. I will never vote for a democrat again and half the time I use to vote democrat and the other half I voted for Republicans and now I will vote for Republican for the rest of my life. I use to be a independent and now I think I'm just a Republican. But I still have some problems with the Republicans but President Trump is a good President and I will vote for Trump in 2020 and Trump JR in 2024 and 2028.

    Daniel P Gallagher says:

    Sware everyone in, vidio the process, any dem that fudges the truth, Master At Arms remove them immediately and charge them with anything and everything that will stick including treason, Finish this embarrassment and attempted over throw of our Democracy! GOD BLESS TRUMP AND GOD BLESS AMERICA !! VETS FOR TRUMP

    Deadeye Apocolypse says:

    this loser demorat senator can shut the hell up he is completely bias.

    Peaches Peachy says:

    We , the people are very concerned because we do not believe those senators that are running for President should be able to participate in the impeachment because that is totally bias!!! Like we believe they are going to be fair to the President is ridiculous. Stop making the people look stupid! We are smarter than you think and we think this whole impeachment is to take away our vote! We voted for Trump and they need to live with it! Also, who the hell was that guy?? Sorry but we are not going to believe him. We believe our President. That guy was a politician and a liar! He needs to stop hating Trump because he is making America great! That senator needs to get over Obama because there is a new Sheriff in town and he is sticking around!! We believe there should be no witnesses OR else ALL witnesses should be accepted but no witnesses should be because this impeachment case isn't worth moving to that level, it is a farce! We also believe the impeachment should not be dismissed but ACQUITTED!

    Nick Kelly says:

    anything that happens on planet earth between now and Nov 3rd, voter Reckoning Day, from a cat missing in a neighborhood, to a cashier ringing in an incorrect price, will be blamed on President Trump.

    Steve Windsurf says:

    Dems still believe our growth and economic performance is down to Obama.

    Kingspad BraveLove says:

    Trump gonna win this I just feel it.

    Sushia La Leniah says:

    WTF! Now dems claim Trump took funds for his own political purposes? Just STOP! The DEM party should be abolished!

    Jeffrey Trahan says:

    We should not trust anyone of these democrats for President they are straight up lying to the American people Trump 2020

    Elmer vest says:

    Senator Bennet: Stop while you can. Many businesses closed because of Obama. Unemployment was rising. Obama refused to support the American people. Instead he weakened our economy, cut back on military forces, and gave away our tax dollars to Iran KNOWING the terrorist groups were financed mostly by Iran.

    juan abier says:

    Well I guess I was wrong, it seems like Obama was the one winning, not President Trump.
    Why have this loser on, let him lick CNN's ass.

    Waco Tx says:

    wwwgotnews.com wash rinse repeat. phase one Hoax impeachment. phase 2 will be after the elections I guarantee… mmm good hearsay…

    Stephen Hawkins says:

    What a joke of impeachment it would be funny if it wasn’t such a huge waste of money

    Deplorable Vet says:

    Just add a DemonRAT, and here comes the LIES. Stop the Lies. TRUMP 2020

    Fatemeh Nastaran Parsa says:

    Why these nonsense people are against of president Donald Trump?!!! I can understand that. Donald Trump is the most transparent ever. She tries days and nights make America , US better and better. He is the best. God bless President Donald Trump, and God bless the USA.

    Randy Polizzi says:

    Shifty Shiff is the only testimony you need

    Waco Tx says:

    wwwgotnews.com democrats Fraud impeachment with no actual Crime for defense , will be withdrawn for the publicity stunt it is, and be held until after the Elections for Political reasons … Narrative , Propaganda, Hearsay , George Sorros circus impeachment Fraud LOL…

    G VB says:

    not wildly popular lol

    alter ego says:

    …the Durham report will be worth the wait.

    michael moseley says:

    Bennet is full of shciff.

    Cave nug says:

    Omg this guy is soo full of crap.

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