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  • Trump's GOP Challenger Bill Weld On The House's Impeachment Vote | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  • Former Massachusetts Governor and Republican Presidential candidate Bill Weld joins The Last Word to discuss the House’s vote on impeachment and his primary campaign against Donald Trump. Aired on 10/31/19.
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    Trump’s GOP Challenger Bill Weld On The House’s Impeachment Vote | The Last Word | MSNBC


    Trumpty Dumpty your fall is coming! says:

    GOP = Government of Putin led by Moscow Mitch.

    ken5336 says:

    The Republican Senate will do the same

    JanusAtTheGate says:

    Haha. ROFL. Trump reading anything of length on live tv.

    JanusAtTheGate says:

    Trump must be the red headed Mule from The Foundation Trilogy. He has held people's emotions to favor him.

    Lil Doggy says:

    Well that’s it for bill weld. Can’t go on tv and lie like this anymore.

    Phantom X says:

    I doubt Trump has bothered to read the transcript.

    Sam Rovito says:

    Finally, an actually reasonable republican. The party needs more people like him to stop making themselves look like imbeciles.

    Kenneth bugay says:

    If I was a Republican and I had the choice of voting for Bill Weld or Trump. I wouldn't give it a second thought since Bill Weld is the voice of reason. I only hope that if Trump is not impeached (which he should be) Trump will debate Bill Weld. This man speaks well and and has a great knowledge of experience being in Congress.

    Walt Schmidt says:

    Trump is getting re-elected…

    Alex Jordon says:

    Am I the only one kinda happy this is happening in the Republican party and not Dems. And to think they used to say Dems were unpatriotic!

    Jacob Tanner says:

    Weren't the Cry baby republicans wanting open hearings???? What now. Too funny.

    BoxRadishScissors says:

    Every time Bill Weld is interviewed, he sounds more and more reasonable and fundamentally good as a person to me.

    Rich Greene says:

    Of course not it can’t read or comprehend.

    Rodolfo Saluto says:

    Trump is A Criminal where is electoral justice in the US.

    santolify says:

    The orange tool refuses to do any primary because the stable genius doesn't know a thing about anything!

    Edwina Gray says:

    Again, can we get this done and over with? NY state is waiting for him. He can relocate to FL, but the law has a long reach. He's toast and he knows it.

    noodlessurprise says:

    The Republican Party is basically a child who doesn’t want to come in from playing out after his mother shouts on him and he runs around in circles with his fingers in his ears screaming ‘la la la I can’t hear you’ ….. eventually she’ll come and get him and smack his toe in front of all his friends. A basic analogy …

    Accutronitis The 2nd says:

    Wow I'm not a dem or a rep BUT I like this guy bill weld from what I've seen here, BUT I'd need to see a lot more…

    MaskedMarvyl says:

    Just so you know, Bill Weld is a terrible person as well, on the same level as Trump…..

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