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  • Trump Authorized Killing Of Top Iranian Commander 7 Months Ago With Conditions | NBC Nightly News

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  • Administration officials tell NBC News that President Trump authorized the killing of Qassem Soleimani if Iran’s aggression led to the death of any American — provided Trump gave the final sign-off first — seven months ago, raising new questions about the president’s explanation.
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    Trump Authorized Killing Of Top Iranian Commander 7 Months Ago With Conditions | NBC Nightly News


    Freeman says:

    American governmets are real"'Terrorists"'

    Cats says:

    That doesn't mean trump lied at all. what was said 7 months ago does not mean thats why he killed soleimani when he did. It actually means nothing. Trump really could have learned of a plan soleimani had going on and had to act fast. His death may not have had anything to do with a comment from 7 months ago.

    bfgmech3c says:

    Now, now little children.
    Repeat after me….
    General Soleimani / bad man.
    General Soleimani / bad man.
    General Soleimani / bad man.
    General Soleimani / hurt Americans no more….Do you understand?
    Lesson for today now children. When we are bad there are consequences.

    easy money says:

    Why would anyone believe anything Trump says. That is the downside of lying so much. When your intention is to be truthful….no one believes you. He is his own worst enemy. Trump is not the worst president ever….he's just an accidental excuse for one until a real one gets elected….

    中華傲訣 says:

    I once like America in the 1980’s, 1990’s. Now, thanks to internet, I got to know about US way of doing things and I got to say I despise your media, your govt, your Fed , your admin … You ppl are working for self interest instead of the society as a whole.

    UNT-Studio says:

    An illegal assassination of a top foreign official for sure

    Comical Irony says:

    This will pertain to everything that is media related…. Just like a Human giving eye contact to a dog while you're eating. The dog will want what you are eating.

    M T says:

    Trump turned out to be an even bigger rât than expected!

    alexander nerep says:

    democrats still care more about the terrorist who got killed, that then civilians in the plane

    Liam Patrick says:

    The killing of Soleimani was justified. change my mind.

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