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  • TRUMP BREAKING NEWS 1/16/20 | Breaking News Fox News January 16, 2020

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  • TRUMP BREAKING NEWS 1/16/20 | Breaking News Fox News January 16, 2020



    Lansing middle school 569 center lansing IA 52151

    Michael Seymour says:

    Incidentally, the brass ring for groupies who stalk celebrities is pregnancy. I witnessed some of the “do anything” tactics of the groupie culture and letting them “grab the pussy” was/is the least of it. Donald Trump is not the only celebrity understanding and acknowledging this phenomenon. He is not the only one caught on tape expressing his views on weaponized groupie sexuality either.

    Gustavo Alvarez says:

    Trumps out get with the program trumptars

    Ronald Novigrod says:

    True saying.." like father like son."

    Ronald Novigrod says:

    Biden calls it "AN OPERATION" and he is uch a BRAGGART and SO Dumb that he is simply a Pedophile and UNBEARABLE RACIST AND Womanizer. We have seen ENOUGH of You Joe Just Wait your turn in the "impeachment" BOGUS TRIAL.

    Ronald Novigrod says:

    Pocahontas is Cringeworthy.
    Almost as Bad as Hillary.
    But, Hillary will sneak up and snatch the nomination away from Warren because The Golden Moo Moo MUST BE THE FIRST FEMALE POTUS. Do or Die. Watch.

    Ronald Novigrod says:


    joseph wagner says:

    The idea the House could NOT get information is a lie. They were suppose to go to court to get it, The house is covering up there no crime impeachment hoax.

    Robert Kane says:

    Why is this video just 0.01 second) long?

    luca kro says:


    Maria Cordova says:

    Wowww now I know who Chris Plate is I love him 🇺🇸❤❤🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 I hear him in the radio…

    Matthew Dooley says:

    I hate 2 second clips… why do people do that?

    tony rebello says:

    Do the Democrats think the American people are so stupid, what a low level sick scene.

    Gilbert Smith says:

    The Democratic historical walk of shame

    mell .T says:

    Them mfs dont compare no where near trump

    slow ride en says:

    Virginia is the start of how far a small part of goverment can push the citizens.

    James Honeycutt says:

    Democratic idiot's

    D Stout says:

    Pelosi an gang needs to be covered up six ft deep

    stephy o brien says:

    Parnez is trying to save his hide,The dems are trying to grab at any thing they can throw at the PRESIDENT, Dems are trying to steamroll or twist the facts to suit them.

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