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  • TRUMP BREAKING NEWS 1PM 1/5/2020 | Breaking Fox News January 5, 2020

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  • TRUMP BREAKING NEWS 1PM 1/5/2020 | Breaking Fox News January 5, 2020


    Grizzly Bizz says:

    Mr President TRUMP Thank you sir, for MAGA and your leadership. You are looking better every day like this is the job you should have until you don't want it anymore…. God Bless You Sir!

    nuran arrowood says:

    wtg 2020 maga president always work

    Any Huang I says:

    Dear President Trump , I have to report our Human Rights feature in Victorville CA 92393 USA to you again .
    Tonight might happen Reporters union team of CNN with China Terro to catch a few people who Xi Jinping's Daughter
    Xi Mingze and me with my family members
    Wolin Huang
    7 /20/1948
    Wotang Huang 12/15/1961
    Amy Huang 12/30/1956
    Shangbin Wu 10/29/1993
    We all might got Reporters Union team of international of CNN with China Reporters send killer foce catch up us at midnight . We need help by the law of Human Rights of America now .
    We so scare Reporters union team every night plan catch us for cover their crime what killed people too much before !
    It's proof Reporters of CNN with China Dark Stockton and then killed us !
    We all leave in Motel of Village ——15499 Village Dr Victorville CA 92393 USA .
    Help ! Help ! Help !
    God Bless us !
    Thanks !

    Dennis Peet says:

    We never had school shootings until we took God out of our schools.and give back parents the right to raise their own children. NOT The children raising their parents.

    Michael McCracken says:

    Don't pass the USCMA until we fix the origin of country on meat labeling because the way it stands this will hurt American cattle producers. Also as an American I want to know if the meat I'm buying is from Canada, Mexico, Honduras, America or where it's coming from.

    Big Bird78 says:

    Go President TRUMP!!!!!!👍🏼👏🏼❤️

    Jay Cuthbert says:

    The Republicans are clowning more President Trumps for 2024 and on and on and on soon their will be no more dims who hate Americans and the Country they live in, Canada is next.

    dee jay says:

    Bullseye !!!!! trumps gonna wipe out all the terrorists lol

    james oshields says:

    The country is doing great every body but our seniors they have to struggle from month to month just to buy there meds and pay rent … This is America we can do better we must do better these are not immigrants these are our parents and grandparents come on America we can do better !

    Monster Man says:

    Shannon. Lanc. Just. Leave go to russia

    Monster Man says:

    Paula. Tell. No. Wars to Iran China. Russia and the terriorists. Not. Us

    pat nisbert says:

    Thank you great men of America and how much you love your country and thank you my President

    Rebecca Hughes says:

    We don’t have a livable wage. We need regulations to protect us in the stock market and from greedy corporations.

    Bac than says:

    God please take care our President and our troops

    Step Young says:

    Smart move Mr. President!!!

    robertgoldstein52 says:


    pat nisbert says:

    Thank you my President God bless you

    pat nisbert says:

    Amazing job

    Glenn Grider says:

    All Democrats in the thumbs down category all the Republicans in the thumbs up category.

    Mz Behavin says:

    NM ISN'T GETTING ANY HELP FROM Michelle Lujan Grishom she's a liar

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