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  • TRUMP BREAKING NEWS 5AM 1/5/2020 | Breaking Fox News January 5, 2020

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  • TRUMP BREAKING NEWS 5AM 1/5/2020 | Breaking Fox News January 5, 2020


    Florencio Samson says:

    YOU WILL BE RE-ELECTED JUST RUN…. Just listened to the people whom believe in you, Your doing a good job, The Democrats are bullies. Their junior member are just follows and obey the Chair, bad politics.
    President will prevail, thank you, services is brilliant With you, no politics experience, we need it, your private management experience is the most count.

    J T says:

    The U.S is a broke. In debt and growing.

    Luz Booth says:

    Mr Trump president of United States, when the election with genuine vote from the genuine people of United States, he promised to make America great again and the another don't like that these way the Democratas invented the impichiment,very Danger accusations to the men is the president thank you for cleaning the mood of corruption God Bless you Mr Trump 🌏👁️👁️the world observed 🇺🇸

    Khloe Rabnta says:

    Man the 14 ads on this really is annoying af. I know it’s a actual news place but damn 14??? Lol tf yo

    Rob123 Houton says:

    👹😈👹🦊🦊🦊👹😈👹👹👇👇👇😈🦊🎭🎭🎭🎭🎭🎭🎭🎭👇👇 Republican animal and trunk are animal to face animal Tucker👹🦊👹🦊👹🦊😈🎭😈🎭🎭🎭🎭

    l d says:

    Remember he didn't want to be but he would do whatever to win 2020

    Rey Villaflores says:


    Cris Stewart says:

    See thus guy D . Trump is a businessman, not a politician , and most politician are attorneys! Now attorneys are very corrupt, NOT all of them! I was in business 35yrs, unless you have ever been your own boss you have no idea what this world is about! No one writes you a check , must create your own income , very tough! Plus you see the true reality if this country and world . I met politicians , judges , senators, tons of attorneys, plus the people in the world! I wont ever say names, but there was big shot judges 65 yrs old wanted me to get them 16yr old girls to have sexual pleasures? I was shocked , these same judges put guy like that in jail for yrsnand destroyed their lives! I know the truth I wont say anymore! But I also met some true judges that weren't scumbags. THE STRANGEST THING IS MOST THOSE SCUMBAGS ARE REALLY POWERFUL ENITIES. Very few the honest ones go high places! Because this world is run by Lucifer Very powerful.and if you dont believe it how could you or anyone offer the worlds wealthiest kingdoms free to you to bow down to him?You cant give something that isn't yours like he did to Jesus of Nazareth .So the world is run by dark energies.Destructive selfishness and greed? It will change but this is allowed to happen so you have choice to choose who your Father is the positive creator of energies, you wont ever see him unless you look everywhere.Then you are worthy of him.On the other Father Lucifer is a super tough cool dude.You see him all the time! .The Father of light even states dont piss Lucifer off For he has a tough time defeating him we arnt nowhere close to their class.

    David Murphy says:

    USA food stockpiles … South Dakota governor just reminded Trump how bad this is. We need food truth. Monsanto weaponized it and capitalism can't devour our food supply.

    WhatIsThis says:

    Liberalism is a mental illness.

    David Murphy says:

    Food fact honesty . He has the numbers … No worries mate ?

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