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  • TRUMP BREAKING NEWS 9AM 1/25/2020 | Breaking Fox News January 25, 2020

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    • Trump pardons former 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo Jr. - CNN February 18, 2020
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      Apple Stock Sinks On China Coronavirus Concerns  Investor's Business DailyApple Signals Coronavirus’s Threat to Global Businesses  The New York TimesApple revenue will be hit as coronavirus creates iPhone supply shortages, company warns  CNNApple Is Handcuffed to the iPhone. Just Like Its Customers  BloombergEconomists warn coronavirus risk far worse than realized  AxiosView Full Coverage on Google News
  • TRUMP BREAKING NEWS 9AM 1/25/2020 | Breaking Fox News January 25, 2020


    Richard Freedle says:

    Impeach the real traitors, Shift, Naddler and Pe lousy.

    Bellicose Ataraxia says:

    whatever happened to overwhelming evidence? it is flatulence in the atmosphere only Greta can see. the Democrats are trying to turn this into a Pro-Democrat circus….Rush Limbaugh on Nov.11th announced Lev Parnas was being groomed by the Democrats, they could have subpoenaed him, he is not protected by executive privilege….which should tell you it is all a sham. Executive privilege is the Constitution…..the Democrats are trying to convict via ESP…. what they believe President Trump was thinking face the facts, the White House provided Mueller more than 20,000 pages of materials, and the campaign has provided more than 1.4 million pages. It says more than 20 White House personnel have given interviews, including eight from the White House counsel's office. Seventeen campaign employees "plus 11 additional individuals" have given interviews, Trump's attorneys say. "The cooperation and transparency are unprecedented"

    Bellicose Ataraxia says:

    Schiff is a scatological wind bag…..we do believe he is a coprophagic sordid human with urophagia tendencies…..

    Blaine Rogers says:

    Trump is a corrupt president pretending to be a patriot. He is criminal.

    혼글 says:

    Nazi salute

    Carlos G says:

    That was rude cutting Rachel off like that

    Darlene Dubey says:

    Nothing about Super Bowl here

    AlwaysTrumper says:

    Neil cavuto and juan Williams need to be deported

    Judi Arvay says:

    If you continue to repeat a lie people believe it his "EMOTIONAL" closing, give me a break. I watched it, therewas nothing compelling about it. SHAME ON YOU for trying to brainwash the American public!!!

    AlwaysTrumper says:

    Fox news pushing for liar witnesses in scam trial

    AlwaysTrumper says:

    Fn fox news and biased cavuto
    Open border stupidasses

    Darlene Dubey says:

    Yes sir you got it we got it too

    artmakersworlds says:

    DAMN IT this video is chopped up. AS USUAL! Starts off in the middle of a story, next story about immigration suddenly cuts to some cooking BS. DAMN IT! UPLOAD a full show or stay in your mothers basement playing video games.

    Judi Arvay says:

    YOU want to be "ALL POWERFUL!" You were garbage!

    Sentido Común says:

    Pro-Human Life ❤ Pro-Animal Life.
    Respect and Defend the Powerless and the Innocent.

    Darlene Dubey says:

    Networks play riseup for bookdeals

    Darlene Dubey says:

    Networks play the potcard

    Arthur Fiorillo says:

    When L.B.J was told, Goldwater did not say that L.B.J said I know let's see how he defends it. You all know L.B.J was a lying ass and rotten Democrats. Schiff is going by the L.B.J's playbook.

    Bher Rabbit says:

    Not too surprising that the democrats childishly name-call on their way out. I can't believe there is ANYONE still siding with this bunch of lying crybabies. These are NOT real Democrats, they are spoiled little brats that lost their toy, America. VOTE EM OUT.

    Arthur Fiorillo says:

    The only thing we the people are haunted by the Marxist Democrats lying bag of crap!.

    Glenn Goins says:

    Their not DEMOCRATS their COMMUNIST

    BLADE STEEL says:

    Adam Schiff for President!!! Hell why not, Just a liar not a socialist! hahaha

    Lucieme says:

    So Schift ended up with crazy statements insulting the President as tyrant and spreading gossip instead of facts. These Democrats should be penalized for their recklessness!

    Matthew Wirth says:

    Fake news and demon dems got to go!Time to take our country back! Trump Landslide 2020💪💪💪💪

    Dean Lee says:

    Jail schiff ..

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