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  • Trump Jr. defends tweeting article that alleges whistleblower identity | The View

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  • The president’s son discussed his father’s call with Ukraine’s president, as well as his decision to tweet an article with the alleged whistleblower’s name.

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    Fred says:

    Does the whistleblower actually exist? How can anyone be publically accused but the accuser remains anonymous?

    Igor says:

    A bunch of annoying partisan cunts being annoying partisan cunts. What a surprise.

    truth seeker says:

    The View panellists are AS VILE AS HUMAN BEINGS CAN BE. We are right behind you Donald Jr. YOU ARE RIGHT.

    Ross stewart says:

    Someone nearly clapped to say they have read the drudge report hahah

    Ackley RooksTube says:

    Democracy was never a thing and still isn't.

    Norm alice says:

    he seemed to come equipped with well-rehearsed fake talking points to dazzle the audience with, while everyone else was just expecting a normal civil discussion.

    He's obviously trying to be like his dad, but imo he talks too fast for anyone to fall for it. If he wasn't a trump he'd just be a used car salesman – probably not even a very successful one. Then again, I said the same thing about his dad now he's president, so I could be wrong. Republicans love being tricked, but they usually require that the trickster isn't painfully cliche.

    Shane Hurst says:

    Children! Children! Children! Whoopi Goldberg yells at the audience because they are clapping for Trump jr. 🤣 yes, this is your position in the minds of your puppet masters. Bread and circuses for the unwashed masses.

    Nick Oh says:

    Smeared any anti war veterans lately?

    Cortex says:

    So, anyone got the name, or is the name literally "the name"?

    Janice McKee says:

    The View stinks. These rude biddies yammer right over their guests and each other. There’s no professionalism at all. It’s a
    crass haggling fest at best.

    RanD says:

    These women don't care about what this man says. They will constantly speak over him. Such a silly show…

    Kevin Rack says:

    The view : Don't ask questions about impeachment! Clarification is communism
    Also the view : you're a facist screams over Trump Jr.

    Lilshoncena says:

    Ok y’all messed with fire and got burned ok,Trump and his son are amazing and when y’all bite them they will bite back hard, So yeah Trump 2020 keep America great

    Aaron Robison says:

    Opinions are defined as not being based on fact or knowledge. But they are grilling Trump Jr. Like he's the one they're trying to impeach. They are clearly biased.

    Mastewal Tesfaye says:

    Atleast let them finish answering your questions.

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