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  • Trump loses appeal over subpoena for tax returns

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  • Federal appeals court rules Trump’s tax returns must be turned over to a state grand jury; chief White House correspondent John Roberts reports from the North Lawn. #FoxNews

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    Norm alice says:

    Wow. Weird to see Fox News giving trump any sort of negative coverage. Not weird to see that trump's legion of russian bots seem to be absent in the comment section..

    Music Man says:

    "We have a very powerful wall. But no matter how powerful, you can cut through anything".

    What a moron.

    Richard Willette says:

    Trump doesn’t pay taxes. Let the working man pay the taxes for the 1%

    mike dar says:

    Personal taxes mean nothing when every politician has a "501" tax free umbrella… almost all are kept monies outside of America… No 501 gets audited by the IRS without a bad report by a non government reporting agency… Comey's brother rated the Clinton 501 tax free foundation for example.. the Clinton Foundation never got a IRS audit.. understand how the Tax Laws were made by Dem Politicians.

    The Great Owl says:

    "Trump loses appeal"

    What appeal?

    Steve Morgan says:

    Our biggest problem was rhino Ryan as speaker. He saw what was coming and bolted

    steve streitz says:

    They're already going on from The Whistleblower to taxes now oh my God keep pissing our tax dollars away my God

    NightWaves says:

    It would be funny to see his donations to Hillary when she was in NYC were written off as business expenses.

    Roger Borroel says:

    GREAT! And right before impeachment too! Now we will have the proof that trump does NOT pay any taxes for the up keep of the country, but YOU do!

    Tommy Twotimezz says:

    Who cares about his taxes. This guy is gonna crush these little baby democrys! It’s a wrap for them all!

    kaspforeva says:

    Democrats have hunted this man down. They and the media have made him out to be far worse than he is. What is he hiding you all say. What is Hillary hiding? What is Biden hiding? etc etc.

    RealYRM says:

    Honest question here… if there was something wrong with Trump's tax returns, wouldn't the IRS know? He had to file them, right? If he's lying on the State or Federal returns, wouldn't the IRS just audit Trump? If they haven't, then why do I think a bunch of frothing, raving Democrats who hate Trump and hate every moderate who doesn't hate Trump as much as they do, would be more fair than the IRS?

    bestman29307 says:

    What is up with Trump's taxes?Why is so important for him to not release them like he said he was going to do. Didn't he say he was in an audit but would release his taxes when he was able?Is he under a lifetime audit. I'm sure whatever is in his taxes can't be any worse than the crap his worshippers are already defending him on because you people have sold your souls to this Villian.

    James Musslewhite says:

    The only reason for the demand for his tax records (not legally mandatory) is for weaponizing and political theater. They want 8 years but once the door is open they will keep demanding more and more. His records are already regularly audited by the I.R.S. who have the working knowledge to understand what they are looking at. If Trump was breaking Tax laws the public would already know. No this is just a tactic to attack Trump and create senseless drama from buffoons merely seeking a crime which does not exist, and corrupt political hacks wanting a chance to make crocodiles out of Geckos.

    Trump resist this obvious Democrat ploy and should make the Supreme Court make a ruling, as the request in itself is probably unconstitutional and the Democrats already know this. Time for the Democrats to stop this sedition nonsense and actually start working for the people as they are already suppose to be doing.

    Benji Davis says:

    Can’t wait till this orange penguin looking moron is laughed outta office and strait into a jail cell where we ALL know the criminal belongs..trump your a embarrassment


    Federal income tax is unconstitutional!!!!!

    Henry James says:

    Evangelical churches get huge TAX BREAKS, UNDER TRUMP AND THE REPUBLICAN PARTY.
    You folks ever see a poor evangelical preacher. Millionaires sucking every last dime outta the poor folks who have been told to give IN THE NAME OF GOD.

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