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  • Trump slams French president at NATO meeting

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  • On Tuesday President Trump launched a blistering attack on a key European ally at the start of a two-day NATO summit, calling France’s president “very nasty” for saying last month that NATO was suffering brain death without strong U.S. leadership. The president also talked about next week’s British election, which Britain’s prime minister had asked him not to do. Paula Reid reports.

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    B B says:

    Thank you Mr Trump for finally making European countries pay there fair share for NATOMAGA 2020..  One more thing thank you all you looney libs and Pelosi for making sure Trump will be reelected

    Bobbi Flaherty says:

    Why not play exactly what the president said? You only play sound bites, then try to tell us what he means. I'd rather get my information directly from the source!

    KelZ X says:

    I love seeing all of Trump’s triggered supporters in the comments !
    They’re very naive … BIGLY

    TheRaiderra says:

    When even Boris Johnson doesn't want support from Trump you know it's bad.

    salvador luna says:

    Melania and Trump love to wear the color Russian Red.

    salvador luna says:

    His Cult Adores him for this.
    All leads lead to Putin!!

    Mile high Denver says:

    Well deserved, Macron is a deep state pawn and a poor excuse for a politician.

    Joshua Ervin says:

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Jeffrey Epstein didn’t commit suicide

    Alana994 Aj says:

    Trump has made allies into enemies , now we have NATO members slagging each other. Trump keeps saying America is great then why has America been keen on reducing it's commitments?

    Justin Miller says:

    Ugh, what does that idiot have to say now. Can he just leave office already? He’s an embarrassment and the whole world sees it aside from the smaller US majority that voted for him.

    Gary Dimaggio says:

    Typical Trump bad-mouthed macaroni behind his back but played kissy to his face

    Daniel Williams says:


    Octavian Carcagnosso says:


    Chief Tahchawwickah says:

    You Caucasians need to learn to get along considering you will be getting deported soon.

    Cedric Richardson Sr says:

    Why Trump act he pays anything he doesn't pay any taxes!

    Inge Wood says:

    A "Dummkopf" in Europe between all the brainy intelligent people. Why does this orange idiot not stay at home.

    Hendrikus PIEPER says:


    Greg Godsey says:

    CBS seems to want to defend France and Europe at the expense of the USA. I hope that's who's paying your advertising.

    Gnana Jiva says:

    A really obvious slanted "news" report. Why not just report what happened without exposing your own personal opinions about what happened? Trump trying to distract from the "impeachment"? Its so boring and so neverending that you news jerks aren't
    even reporting on it anymore, so how's it needing distraction. You making reports like this reveal to the world that you are willing to help to harm our country by weakening our leader during a summit meeting. You should be investigated yourselves.

    MegaRoFLL says:

    trump is friend of putin and kim jong un, not nato and eu
    usa circus, country of clowns

    Bonnie Prather says:

    Oh no, the Big POtuS is on the warpath, lashing out indiscriminately. Wonder why. 😅😅😅. Here it comes, the best economy, ever😂😂😂😂😂. Pathetic

    robert rondinelli says:

    President is right as usual. A shame the Dems do everything they can to torpedo Trump's NATO meetings. This president has been right about foreign policy, trade, and our great economy. The Media just attacks all his successes, and more Americans are realizing how unfair the Media is.

    Denzo D says:

    NATO members should step up their required contributions and not just depend on a few countries to foot the bill. If they are not keen on contributing, then they should GET OUT of the alliance and look after their own security.

    dee jay says:

    #FakeNews #CumDumpsters

    Mine Finder says:

    Trump, America loves you more than ever. Crush Socialism at every turn. MAGA!!!!

    Truthseeker1515 says:

    In 1991, Gorbatchev was promised NATO would be disbanded in exchange for the Warsaw Pact. Russians kept their part of the bargain. The US and the West did not. And people ask why Russians are on their guard?

    Bjorn Santens says:

    Donnie is making Putin/Russia great again

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