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  • Tucker Carlson Tonight 1/16/20 SHOW | Trump Breaking Fox News Jan 16, 2020

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  • Tucker Carlson Tonight 1/16/20 SHOW | Trump Breaking Fox News Jan 16, 2020



    Susan Randall says:

    I don’t capitalize the name of losers and scum

    Jim Holder says:

    Trump impeached for life! Rip GOP! LMAO

    Michael scott Burns says:

    Can you imagine what this country would be like if one of those yoyos get elected as the next president?? Our economy is the best it's been in year's and those turkeys want to turn it around to what end? No they will screw it up.

    Menlo Menlo says:

    Warren “Thinks” he called her a liar? I think she knows.

    Menlo Menlo says:

    Anyone else want to see Adam Schiff on that stage? Oh what fun that would be watching the other candidates bite their tongues not to tear him apart and further ruin their precious impeachment. Nancy held onto that thing like it was Gollum’s ring for four weeks and still speaks of it like it’s her Precious. Lol

    John McGinnis says:

    Hunter looks like the old michael scott 19:45

    Jeffrey Santore says:

    why does this video show it is only 2 seconds long, it wont play.

    Menlo Menlo says:

    Did Warren ever give back all the college money she stole from Native American Indians? …plus interest?

    Menlo Menlo says:

    When I saw the video of Warren and Bernie on stage released by CNN, the Dem’s channel, I asked why would they do that. Then I realized CNN wants Biden. Warren can’t win against Trump (regardless of her gender), so use her to trash Bernie so Biden gets the nomination. You are so clever CNN. 😂. I always say Dems eat their own. …also Biden can’t win against President Trump ether. I am not a Dem nor a Rep, just have an opinion.

    simon templer says:

    The title should read United in their fear of the president !

    Myakinass 2001 says:

    I am a woman, I don’t know a woman I would vote for President. I don’t know the woman.

    Doug Dickerson says:

    Because deep down republicans are just as corrupt as the Biden’s.

    Larry Dugan says:

    So the former Indian was called a liar on national tv?
    I thought that was already obvious!

    flash flash says:

    This is all just a theatrical performance who does that infront of cameras knowing mikes are on i mean wat a bunch of crap this is all a hoax not 1 of thse nominees are going to run for president they have no chance or hope they all know this its all a scam all just paving the way for the only 1 and only Hillary Clinton and by the way she will loose again to trump in 2020 wat a Circus this is does anyone even belive this crap? If they do they must be on another planet!

    Graciela Cattarossi says:

    Congress should’ve legislating for the good of , what are they doing instead. ,trying find something ,anything to impeach,wasting no time and money ,our money,….they seem to care only about politics,why can simply work and then wait for the 2020 elections which are around the corner.on top they are so small and mean that they are unable to celebrate any of the good news that this Administration is responsable for.Wehave to watch any rally for Trump to appreciate what Americans feel.

    Candi Rousseau says:

    Its hard to feel sorry for these snowflakes. They deserve the same false accusation, delusional facts and one way attacks on each other. I said it before they are going to start eating their own, lol THIS SHOWS HOW UNHINGED DEMS ARE. They have to go!

    Dr. Dingus says:

    I clearly don't understand cuz I have a penis..

    Jack Heath says:

    The textbook definition of delusional is an idiosyncratic belief or impression that firmly maintains a belief such as "Republicans are good" and "Democrats are evil" despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument. There is no equivalency, you can't make it OK for Republicans to be corrupt liars because you think Democrats do it too and not assign blame equally. Furthermore, you can not take the moral high ground while following a man who while he may support your views; repeatedly demonstrates inferior judgement, thin skinned egotism, and at times blatant racism and bigotry. It's not OK for Bernie Sanders, or Warren, or Trump, or anyone on this forum. Everyone thinks they are moderate, everyone thinks they represent the majority, everyone thinks they are good people. But when the only place you feel comfortable spewing this non-sense is an anonymous post in the comments of a Tucker Carlson video. You may want to consider other peoples views and where you personally lie on the political spectrum.

    Ken Mcaree says:

    The left are so wrapped up in this impeachment, no wonder they got nothing done when Oboma was in except line there own pockets. So what would they be doing? Seriously

    ghost grace chillr says:

    It's time for these turds to be picked from the punch bowl before the good people throw the whole damn bowl out.

    moon mission says:

    Fox watching CNN so we don't have to lol

    white whiskers says:

    There will be a female President in the near future, but, she WILL NOT be a Democrat! A Democrat female cannot be criticized or questioned without the left calling any attempt to hold her responsible, sexist, misogyny, etc. No thank you!
    Pelosi's little pen signing show, reminded me of the "silly string" party Darlee Routier had over the graves of her children she butchered!

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