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    Tucker Carlson Tonight 6/5/19 | Breaking Fox News June 5, 2019

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    • The trade war is weighing on Chinese home buying in the US - CNBC June 25, 2019
      The trade war is weighing on Chinese home buying in the US  CNBCTrump Pressured by Congress to Stay Tough on Huawei  Bloomberg PoliticsMajor companies are ringing alarm bells, trying to warn Washington about more tariffs  CNBCWant to Boost the Economy? Check the Power of U.S. Corporations, Not China | Opinion  NewsweekTrump's reelection is in serious jeopardy without a China […]
    • A photo of a dead father and daughter shows the true nature of Trump's immigration policy - Vox.com June 25, 2019
      A photo of a dead father and daughter shows the true nature of Trump's immigration policy  Vox.comShocking image of drowned man and daughter underscores grim reality of migrant crisis  CNNWARNING: Devastating photo of drowned migrant father and young daughter at border shows perils desperate famil  New York Daily NewsMigrant toddler, father wash up dead in border-crossing tragedy  New York […]
    • Exclusive: Investors with $34 trillion demand urgent climate change action - Reuters June 25, 2019
      Exclusive: Investors with $34 trillion demand urgent climate change action  ReutersG20 Summit May Sideline Climate Goals to Keep Trump Happy During Trade Talks  FortuneView full coverage on Google News
    • Bahrain conference: Kushner is trying to sell his Middle East plan - Vox.com June 25, 2019
      Bahrain conference: Kushner is trying to sell his Middle East plan  Vox.comJared Kushner on Israel-Palestine deal: Time to try something new | Talk to Al Jazeera  Al Jazeera EnglishKushner says economic plan is a necessary precondition to peace  Al Jazeera EnglishThe US’s Middle East ‘peace summit’ is nonsense. Palestinians are right to boycott it  The GuardianTrump puts the cart […]
    • Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un limousines compared, photos - Business Insider June 25, 2019
      Donald Trump, Kim Jong Un limousines compared, photos  Business InsiderNorth Korea praises Trump's 'excellent' letter to Kim Jong Un  CNNOne-third of Americans would support a preemptive nuclear strike on North Korea, researchers say  The Washington PostPoll: More than a third would support pre-emptive nuclear strike on North Korea | TheHill  The HillFact check: Trump is wrong that soldiers' remains […]
    • Trump issues stark warning to Iran - CBS Evening News June 25, 2019
      Trump issues stark warning to Iran  CBS Evening NewsView full coverage on Google News
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    David Kaas says:

    I believe that Tucker Carlson should be running for President, one of these days! 🤔😎😁

    arnold lyons says:

    Heres a novel idea. lets have all the politicians retake the Oath of Office,publically. Lets really make them all show their true colors. To uphold the law ect.

    basil issa says:

    If republicans stick together like Democrats, our President Donald Trump will achieve so many great things for this great country. Unfortunately republicans are weak

    TheSpaceCoyote82 says:

    why wouldnt we tax products from companies outside of the country. What insentive does that give our country?

    basil issa says:

    President Trump is the only person who cares about American jobs to stay in USA. Made in USA. Trump 2020

    Jesus first America says:

    Lord Jesus bless our country and bless our President Donald Trump. bless us by letting us build a wall and secure our borders, lettuce stop the corruption in our government. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ amen

    P. Hamilton says:

    Democrats created the Border Crisis….and will NEVER agree to a solution. BOYCOTT ALL MEXICAN PRODUCTS !

    Kellis Mom says:

    Thank you President Trump for signing an executive order to keep the illegal immigrants from utilizing the welfare system in America.

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