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  • Tucker Carlson Tonight 8PM 10/31/19 FULL EPISODE | Fox Breaking News

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  • Tucker Carlson Tonight 8PM 10/31/19 FULL EPISODE | Fox Breaking News


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    Tee for 2 says:

    Epstein's murder is like Hillary's emails. All a COVERUP!!!

    Coleen West says:

    VOTE DEMOCRATIC PARTY 2020!!!! ..it is too late for the WHITE RACIST UGLY "AMERICAN". We islamists and latinos already have won. 100 percent of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY and the news media AND THEY support us, and HATE you. We even have whites hating you (they are not sissies, they are transectionals). VOTE DEMOCRATIC PARTY 2020!! YOU ARE DONE RACIST – AND I AM TALKING TO YOU. We are taking your guns from you so you can't fight back. We have done this already in California, in Washington State, in Florida, in New York and elsewhere. The movement is unstoppable. You whites are now too embarrassed to support your "christ crap" religion – Allah and Islam are the only politically acceptable religions. You are quiet because you have no choice. WE OWN ALL THE SCHOOLS, THE UNIVERSITIES AND ALL THE JUDGES AND COURTS. We DEMOCRATIC PARTY members will appoint ISLAMIST JUDGES TO THE SUPREME COURT and they will outlaw you, bring in Sharia (but proper Sharia law so don't be scared) and bring respect back for non-whites especially due to discrimination. We all want properly done Sharia Law. The US constitution is subordinate to the word of Allah and the court will see it properly. It is the missing ingredient to make America a properly worshiping country of the great God Allah. VOTE DEMOCRATIC PARTY 2020!!!!

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