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  • URGENCY! Breaking Trump News 11/20/19 (8AM) | TRUMP Latest News MORNING J.O.E Nov 20, 2019

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  • URGENCY! Breaking Trump News 11/20/19 (8AM) | TRUMP Latest News MORNING J.O.E Nov 20, 2019


    The Resistance says:

    Republicans are Russian assets


    Martin Taper says:

    A lot of American folk say Trump and Putin are allies. No, Putin used Trump, the Russians always use useful idiots.The Russians would not be so antagonistic if the USA cut them some slack – why are they still the evil empire! They ditched communism, they interfere only in conflicts where nationals or allies are at risk, and are more honourable than the USA which buys into regime change that suits them, and of course Russia has engaged in much fewer foreign military interventions compared to the USA. So the Russian government is corrupt you may say, well are not many alleged democratic governments also corrupt (I know my country's democratically elected government is corrupt). The USA's current leadership is currently the greatest example of corruption at the highest level, in the world.

    Claudio Perri says:

    ATTENTION:  People in the land of the living…the dems
    (socialist/sect) party (those workers of iniquity & evildoers) & little
    league fake lying news…cnn, msnbc, abc, cnbc, cbc, bbc, cbsn & huffpost,
    the hill, time, new york times, the wall street journal, the washington post,
    global news, usa today, slate, los angeles times, deadline, rolling stone,
    wired, the star, the hollywood reporter, axios, national review, new york, vox,
    fortune, vice us, washington examiner, apple news, vogue, the atlantic, elite
    daily, business insider, wwd, vanity fair, mother jones, the new yorker,
    national post, esquire, politico, bloomberg, week, daily mail,
    town&country, the conversation, daily beast, gq, the view, abc news, disney,
    youtube, twitter, face book, apple, google, amazon, the independent,
    mashable…are all about …Pleasure, Power, & Avoidance of
    Responsibility…pathetic life principles they believe, practice, & bow down
    to.  One more TRUTH…their all LESS THAN

    Jerry Sedlacek says:

    Your honor my client could not have killed these people because he did not use the word "murder" while he was stabbing them to death

    Soon Ex Republican says:

    Sonderland is lying his ass off.
    Forgets important stuff. He is protecting the Orange idiot.
    Send him to jail

    Anthony Cabassa says:

    Trump Is a CRIMINAL and a TRAITOR that is humping his own daughter ivanka.

    Mix Lennoxx says:

    Impeach Putin's Russian republicans!

    David Clark says:

    Nunes today lied in his opening statement at the Sondland hearing. He stated the purpose of the democrats was to smear Sondland. It is the republicans who are smearing the reputation of anyone who offers evidence that is against the president. The democrats just ask questions.

    JT Taylor says:

    Look Out Sondland Trump is "Starting Up that Bus to Run over you

    William Liam Smith says:

    12:50 the Congressman will have to revise his opinion if he is honorable. Noe of the people denying quid-pro-quo in big beautiful letters are doing so under the oath. They’re lying. Ukrainian officials have to lie and play along with Trump because he can ruin them. And same is true about Republican Senators and Congressmen.

    michael thomas says:

    Chris Give to space to Republicans who tells lies

    Justagameweplay says:

    Well, unless the Senate is willing to put country before party and or personal aspirations, the nation as we've known it will disintegrate. If they aren't, the Republican party will toss any of their credibility that remains to the wind; both as individuals and the party they've tried so desperately to protect, and sadly, the Republican party will go down in infamy. Better to accept the truth and do what the Democrats are trying to do, reflect on their stance, their attitude, their lack of inclusion and revamp the party and try again. This is more about the USA than anyone else, but the entire world is watching these hearings. There's no political twist that will suffice. The reputation of our country is at stake. This is a sad day for our nation. Not a time for ego or pride. This is a time for all of us to humble ourselves. Whether Democrat, Independent or Republican, we are all citizens of the United States of America. It's time to stop the divide because we too have a lot of reflecting and healing to do. Pray for our nation.

    Richard Alexander says:

    Been-a-dick Donald just got a look at the underside of THE BUS!!!!

    Steven Kee says:

    Soviet Trump……

    Lynn says:

    tRump did all of this for a hotel in Russia. Rump sold out every American fora hotel. Wake up rumpeters. Ur guy sold u out.

    Lynn says:

    Sondland is a TRAITOR

    Lynn says:

    F sondland send that POS traitor to jail.

    Stormy Night says:

    CNN not much of a news organization, it's bullshit… Stop the Shit show !!!

    Lana Kahl says:

    Sondland is spilling all the beans. Trumps going to need another trip to the hospital!😂😂

    East Prussian 1st Infantry says:

    Where are Mussolini-Guliani and Bolton and the Drug Deal? Moose and Squirrel are curious.

    Str8Shooter says:

    Sondland just threw the White House under the bus.Where are my notes and E-mails and why are they not released to me so I can testify accurately??

    Neo Rock says:

    How little intelligence do you have to have…to not be able to label a video correctly?

    jerlands says:

    donald fuckhead trump reminds me of that skin stealing cockroach edgar in the movie men in black…

    Marnie Friedman says:

    LOCK THEM UP!!!! Thank you Mr. Sondland! Absolutely devastating testimony that validates the entire admin is CORRUPT!

    J Flow says:

    Finally the truth. Sondland has confirmed that Trump has committed bribery of the Ukraine for dirt on a political opponent. Impeach Trump. He is trying to hijack our elections.

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