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  • URGENT!! Breaking Trump News [2PM] 11/09/19 | Breaking News Today Nov 09, 2019

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  • URGENT!! Breaking Trump News 11/09/19 | Breaking News Today Nov 09, 2019


    Kalli.ming says:

    Can any democratic voters listen and accept a republican strategist, Noelle?

    Barbara Majer says:

    This Reagan girl ….she should look for some diet and exercise !!!

    Kyrán in 't Veld says:

    Urgent? Clickbait

    Carlos Barahona says:

    Republicans are in deep trouble. It's not too late to separate yourself from Trump.

    Noah Brooks says:

    What kind of desperate idiot uploads a video with a title like that?

    Kim Nguyen says:

    Lock trump up that the man key before votes 2020.djtrump is very bad and so dangerous to American Dem don't have to responses anything to GOP or WH djtrump is broken constitution corruption abused powers…

    Daniel Kruger says:

    No the people wear threatened by some communist asshole

    Daniel Kruger says:

    We are done voting some lone wolf billionaires club that isn't going to help the poor or middle class. And apparently he's getting in to stop being taxed a little more on his fifty billion dollars. He'll spend more on campaign than to pay the taxes

    Donna McDonald says:

    So the victim is getting call by the Russian puppet GOP ? this is like blaming the rape victim he was the target of the extort and bribe and it his personal business and job and have nothing to do with a American president and VP and secretary of state and Attorney General and people in the State Department and Justice Department for covering up a national crime.

    Dwade 1990 says:

    Lowest job unemployment in modern American history; record numbers of black, latino, and female americans being lifted out of poverty; more jobs available than people looking for work; started worldwide initiative to decriminalize homosexuality; passed prison reform to help rehabilitate and release non-violent offenders; revitalized depleted US military; bringing troops home from middle east; moved US embassy to Jerusalem; policies to protect free speech in schools; largest across-the-board tax cut in modern history. This president has been amazingly successful.

    BERNIEO4 says:

    Can't in good conscience vote for a man with a husband !

    Nina Nina says:

    republican's desperate measure to want Hunter Biden to be a witness is ridiculous when he is the one being used in exchange of the military aid!!!! What did they want from the whistleblower when they first said that there's nothing there because he's just a 2nd-hand knowledge? What good would it do when they got a number of 1st-hand knowledge who already testified?

    Askal Tesfa says:

    It is unfair to involve Hunter Biden

    Askal Tesfa says:

    Hunter Biden should not be involved in the hearing of Trump. Trump and his associate witnesses are the ones we need to hear from. Hunter has no involvement in the corruption of Trump*s activities

    David Korn says:

    What does Hunter Biden need to be cross examined for exactly? Donald committed a blatant crime and abused his position of President to further his political goals. This is yet another Republican tactic to push a false and self serving agenda on behalf of the current administration and has nothing to do with caring for American people. They should all be disgusted by their conduct in blindly defending the most corrupt, unfit, unpatriotic President in American history. What a farce they have made of the American constitution and the White House. America and the world are so much better then everything this administration represents.

    Cisco Zerratano says:

    Donald Trump….greatest president ever…( Democrats the party of suck egg corrupt globalists)

    Van Herk Sales says:

    Msnbc the ship of fools 👎

    We, The north says:

    No one was ever able to feed crow to the media the way that our president does!!! Enjoy you bunch of zombies!
    God bless the greatest country in the world USA, the citizens including the legal immigrants and the president!

    Jaxieaxie86 says:

    Ironic he's going to CLINTON TERRITORY. KNOW WHAT. HES AN alleged TERRORIST

    Jaxieaxie86 says:

    Hearing the 1st 3 speak, sorry Alabama, they are dumb

    Ally Jajery says:

    It's getting more bizzare. Why on earth would the republicans include Hunter in the witness list to be interrogated? It's to keep the Bidens in the spotlight… right? I think this is a more compelling reason that there was really a quid pro quo.

    Jaxieaxie86 says:

    He's going for ATTENTION. DUH. HELLUR

    PluckySmurf says:

    Republicans are now forming a narrative to distract from breaking from the Constitution and defying rule of law.

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