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  • URGENT!! Breaking Trump News [3AM] 11/18/19 | MSNBC Breaking News Today Nov 18, 2019

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  • URGENT!! Breaking Trump News [3AM] 11/18/19 | MSNBC Breaking News Today Nov 18, 2019


    Todd English says:

    "Their a powerful Ally…". They are a corrupt nation that top politicians have used US money to further their political goals and self wealth.

    Nick Kelly says:

    The Journalist's Creed
    I believe that a Journalist should write only what he/she holds in his/her heart to be true.
    I believe that suppression of the news, for any consideration other than the welfare of society, is indefensible.
    Lost your way? THE LAME STREAM MEDIA

    SpiritGirlSF says:

    As an impartial person I don't identify with the Dems OR Repubs but I tell ya: I AM SO Fing SICK OF THIS IMPEACHMENT BS. URGENT! My sweet ass, what the hell is so urgent about this? Clickbait. I hereby declare Eric Theodore Cartman as President with Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo VP. Fire all the rest and elect only UNCORRUPT Politicians. FYI~ Epstein Lives!

    Arounthone says:

    The American people see through the witnesses that Democrat have no case and stop wasting the people time and let congress work on the issues that effects the American people lives. The American people are not stupid and tired of this nonsense over 3 years Democrat have done nothing for the people but trying to be in power by impeach President Trump. The American people see the results of President Trump has been done specially the strong economy.

    Ife' Green says:

    Alex… America is impeaching this president,
    not the Dems, America.
    The majority (70%) of America thinks this president should be impeached! (and removed 51%).

    Rebecca Scott says:

    I would hate to have to work with these people who seem so corrupt I get the feeling their deals are being interrupted. They want to go back to business as usual. Can you look at the people who are leading this impeachment how good of a job are they taking of the populations they represent? They are dong a great job wasting time on over and over going after this President which to tell you the truth assures me he’s NOT like them. Which to me is a good thing. I am NOT a fan of people making a life time job of “serving the people” and obviously getting richer and richer. We need term limits!! I want investigations into the people who are going after our President over and over and over. That seems shady. I am tired of sweet sucky up people telling me what I want to hear and not doing anything but getting rich.

    Rebecca Scott says:

    Where were all the whistleblowers when Biden and his son were doing their shady deals? Just wondering?

    Donna Tosky says:

    Oh come on!!! A bad day for Democrats? Please… the public is not stupid. This is embarrassing already.

    Alta Montgomery says:

    Donald Trump release the aid because the whistleblower put in a complaint about the money not released by the Trump administration they wanted that country to interfere in the 2020 election like Putin did in the 2016in the Trump administration was not going to release that money until he knew for sure they would do that

    Alta Montgomery says:

    the American people can't trust the justice department because all of them a hand picked by Trump to cover up his criminal activities in other government agencies that Donald Trump has handpicked people to put inlike this excerpt the highest court in the land to protect Donald Trump criminal activities Indo that he has hand picked to go along with it

    Alta Montgomery says:

    The whistleblower did the right thing we needed to know what are government money is paying for our government money is not to pay for Donald Trumpto pay these foreign dictators countries to interfere in our 2020 election so he can win with his lies as he did with Putin to pass deals in the Senatethat benefited Russia for interfering in our 2016 election to get Trump elected all whistleblowers need to be protected and the American people will do anything in their power to protect these people

    Adam Bathon says:

    Pete is fake news LOL

    Jim Shue says:

    Im here in Wisconsin and ron Johnson is a scumbag

    marlene g says:

    Oh Joe ,and I think I speak for all of us,.please shut up.

    think harder says:

    Urgent? Breaking? 3AM?

    Tim Dog says:

    “Perfectly healthy”?
    Obviously didn’t check upstairs

    Liberal in Oklahoma says:

    If anything good comes out for Trump you know Republicans would be all over proclaiming it .

    Liberal in Oklahoma says:

    Trump is falling apart mentally, which is why they sent him to Walter Reed Hospital to get fitted for a straitjacket, full body.

    Lori Sally says:

    How is this breaking news?

    Nathaniel Stacy says:

    This guy is trying to claim an athlete dose not have the right to exercise his Civil rights?

    Jaberwoky says:

    Typical msm bullshit. If Trump escapes impeachment (likely) and faces a Biden or Bloomberg in the general, he will be one happy grifter and stand by for a rerun of 2016. Only Sanders will fix the core issue of what is wrong with the US government – money in politics.

    Tonydfixer D says:

    How patriotic are these Republicans ?

    Tia's Tips says:

    The last time I checked the United States protect countries who are trying to protect democracies not the spread of dictatorships and Tierney.
    Please explain why Trump keeps trying to make this new this new president of Ukraine try to get along and Kneel to Russia and Putin feet.

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