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  • Veteran Testifying Before Congress Attacked By Trump’s Allies – The Day That Was | MSNBC

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  • Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman testified before Congress, telling members of Congress conducting an impeachment inquiry that he was on the phone call between President Trump and Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskiy. Described by some Democrats as a “very credible” witness, Vindman was attacked by allies of President Trump, who questioned Vindman’s loyalty to the United States, despite Vindman being a decorated Iraq War veteran. GOP Rep. Liz Cheney called out those questioning the patriotism and loyalty of Vindman and others testifying before Congress, saying it was “shameful.” Aired on 10/30/19.
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    Veteran Testifying Before Congress Attacked By Trump’s Allies – The Day That Was | MSNBC


    Matthew Dolman says:

    They should have included "chickenshit"

    Henry Coats says:

    FOX SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES. questioning a military man that has dedicated his life to defending this country. What cowardly shitholes.

    thanh nguyen says:

    Ingraham=stupid beyond words can describe=air-brain=or just a crook.

    Steve Dee says:

    America you are slowly but surely turning every other country against you and for the sake of a lunatic. You will have no allies left by the time you have done nothing about him you are isolating yourselves for trump

    berenjervin says:

    MSNBC is pretending they still have credibility, I see.

    Mary Kelly says:

    Fox News needs to just die.

    Nick Kelly says:

    More Breaking News, Nicole out in the field going one on one with a Fence Post. THE LAME STREAM MEDIA

    Mck2019 says:

    Trump has weaponized stupidity. just listen to Hannity, Ingram, and Dumb Donald himself.
    keep laughing Laura. YOU ARE A TRUMPCUNT.

    Kung Fu Kid says:

    Did everybody forgot John McCain. He was a former military man served his country and was ridiculed by this Trump Base Nazis. That should have been enough to go after Trump and put him out of office. They should terminate the electoral college vote. That is only way the Republicans win in office. It should be majority rule the country not the few rich base lobbyists. We have a Don Al Capone wannabe running this country. Even Joe Pesci’s character “Vinny Gambini” wouldn’t have been his lawyer. Dayum! “Hez notta yoot no00 mooore!” “Even though, he acks like it.”

    Trump's Brick Layer says:

    Hillary is warning us , you fools https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6m6RT5BLaZ4

    Ashleigh Nelson says:

    "In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."
        Mark Twain

    Temporal Soliton says:

    As eloquent as he can be most of the time, Ari has a bad habit of mispronouncing people's name.

    Christopher Bland says:

    Where were Ingram,s family from

    Kathryn Shaw says:

    One of the most obvious personal statements I can make is simply to refuse to watch FOX at all. That means their sponsors are wasting their money. I do not support people who support traitors. This is not a partisan matter. It's a matter of loyalty to our own country.

    ItzzCayleigh says:

    Laughing? Disgusting

    Manuela Costa Lima says:

    When the US president and his cronies attack the honor and credibility of a decorated and highly respected American war veteran, it's time for the American people to start making some very important decisions.

    Alan Marston says:

    As a former moderate "Repug". I have nothing but disrespect for the "repugs" that are selling their Souls to support In my viewpoint "Nothing but a mobster pretending to be A President".

    TJ Pav says:

    Liberals/democrats get all BUTT hurt over attacks on a decorated Army officer against Trump…… but highly decorated Army Lt. General Michael Flynn(who will be released for this Russian hoax, FREE) Democrats don't get their BUTTS hurt…. Democrats are FAKE!!!!!! #Trump 2020!!! #wwg1wga

    Texas Rising says:


    Christena Smalls says:

    Those who back Mr. Trump more than likely did not serve.

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