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  • Watters' World 10/26/19 | Breaking Fox News Oct­o­b­er 26, 2019

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    • Pence's national security adviser says he heard 'nothing wrong or improper' on Trump-Zelensky call - Fox News November 19, 2019
      Pence's national security adviser says he heard 'nothing wrong or improper' on Trump-Zelensky call  Fox NewsHear Jennifer Williams' full opening remarks  CNNDiscussing political investigation with Ukraine is 'not what we recommend': Morrison | ABC News  ABC NewsJennifer Williams's account of Pence-Zelensky meeting undercuts Democrats' case  Washington ExaminerPutin is making a move while America is distracted | TheHill  The HillView full […]
    • U.S. Senate Unanimously Passes Measure Backing Hong Kong - Bloomberg November 19, 2019
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    • Dutch authorities find 25 migrants in refrigerated container aboard ship - Fox News November 19, 2019
      Dutch authorities find 25 migrants in refrigerated container aboard ship  Fox NewsFerry crew find 25 stowaways in UK-bound refrigerated container  BBC News25 Migrants Found Alive In Refrigerated Truck On Dutch-UK Ferry  NDTV NewsDozens of migrants found in refrigerated container on ferry  The GuardianLorry carrying 25 migrants in ‘refrigerated container’ found on ferry travelling to the UK  The SunView full coverage […]
    • Corbyn Says UK Monarchy Needs `Improvement - Bloomberg Politics November 19, 2019
      Corbyn Says UK Monarchy Needs `Improvement  Bloomberg PoliticsBoris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn clash in ITV election debate over 'NHS for sale' claim – as it happened  The GuardianWhat would Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn get each other for Christmas?  The TelegraphThe election debate: who came out on top? The panel verdict  The GuardianWho won the ITV general election debate? […]
    • Oxford Union debate: President resigns over blind student row - BBC News November 19, 2019
      Oxford Union debate: President resigns over blind student row  BBC NewsView full coverage on Google News
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  • Watters’ World 10/26/19
    Host Jesse Watters offers a one-of-a-kind comedic look at the latest headlines from the campaign trail
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    Alexandra says:

    Bernie Sanders has the best morals, he's just not the loudest or most theatrical. It's not paying black people to stay with the party, it's giving them at least some monetary reparations for the atrocities committed against their ancestors by some of ours. Yes, a lot of our own personal ancestors may not have been in the country yet and taken part, but this is where we live now and the soil in which it occured. t may have been a long time ago and we may not be able to be anything near what they deserve, though it cannot be fulfilled monetarily alone, but it is a way to move forward as an apology that means something as well as an opportunity to try to move to better neighborhoods, stop earning money illegally until they can find work in maybe a city with more jobs. Or they can throw it away if they chose, it wouldn't be our business, just us attending to old business and consciously moving forward, hopefully with an accepted apology.

    Ellis K says:

    So you won't use the word "lynching'? What other perfectly good words have you stopped using because you are afraid of the PC police? When I first heard about lynchgate I thought it was stupid because the first thing I thought about was cowboys and
    "get a rope", waiting for them to hang a horse thief. Just because you and your pals in journalism immediately think of Mississippi Burning does not mean I or the President should stop using that word, you and your pals should grow a pair. C'mon Jessie, you are one of my favorites, you are better than this.

    atin eigh says:

    Newsflash. The insurance policy that the lovers talked about , is the Hillary huma pediphile videos

    Lyn Hayes says:

    From Christchurch New Zealand the word lynching has nothing to do with race. As a person who is of Irish decent my ancestors were also lynched and they were white but were Catholic white people who were lynched by the English ALL WHITE


    michael magill says:

    the use of the word LYNCHING by the president to describe the impeachment inquiry against him is totally the correct  meaning of the word as in the Oxford english dictionary.

    Gail Capilano says:

    It is a lynching! W t f!

    FullThrottle TreeService says:

    The word lynching is not racially charged there has been more white people lynched in America than any other race it has absolutely nothing to do with race

    Ron Banks says:

    What about Loretta "Lynch"?

    john escalante says:

    Absolutely! I don’t know what dumb shits out there can’t see it for what it is!

    Big Bear Merriott says:


    Big Bear Merriott says:


    George Smiley says:

    Sanders should use the Socialist method and take "donations" at gunpoint. OH, yeah, that's how we pay "our fair share" of taxes. Never mind.

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