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  • What's next in the impeachment inquiry?

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  • The House voted for an impeachment resolution that paves the way for the first nationally televised impeachment hearings in 21 years. Republicans demanded this vote, but they all voted no, saying they and the president don’t get enough rights. Major Garrett reports.

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    Knight for Right says:

    The democrats are dividing the country, what will they do when the violence comes, and they realize that the republicans have all the money, the guns, the police, and the military on their side….

    David Stone says:

    🌐 Hey bias CBS fake news President Trump will not be impeached but he will be re-elected in 2020 that’s why sore loser democrats are trying to impeach him because the Democrats know they have nobody that can beat President Trump. Nobody period.

    guzzi95 says:

    CBS… How about you Read several of the Comments that the American People are Posting…

    Branch says:

    I think Trump is the Rev 6 White Horse

    Juan Rivera says:

    I hate to said but NOTHING is going to be done…..trump is backed by too many people that will jump on a sword for him….. Graham, Jordan ( the one that allegedly covered up for the man allegedly abusing his students in college ),Giuliani, Mulvaney just to mention a few…..

    Andrew Murphy says:

    This is the third coup attempt how about a distraction for Joe Biden then why is he allowed to tell the Ukraine president that he's going to withhold hundreds of millions of dollars until they stop the investigation on his son and fire the investigator how is that right and he was vice president if this happens there's going to be a lot of problems

    Sapu L says:

    president Trump's will be the first president step down before completing his president position 😂😂😂😁

    Stella Y says:

    The President made a poor judgment but not enough to be impeached…Polosi and Schiff are not fairly going this with their secret meeting….this is all about hate and power from the beginning

    BigWasabi says:

    More drunken ranting !

    Red894336643 says:

    Joe Biden bragging about holding up a billion dollars in aid to the Ukraine unless they fired the prosecutor looking into Hunter Biden’s company. You can watch the video yourself

    Chapin100x100 says:


    Wart Hog says:

    What a bunch of hacks… That lady looks like she on Xanax.

    Curtis Sherrill says:

    Civil War fast approaching now !

    Brent Perry says:

    Funny how Trump never had anything to say about Bidens son…until Biden became the front runner…

    Eric Phelps says:

    Americans have had enough.
    Start arresting those involved in the Coup against our Great Nation!
    GITMO is ready for them.
    Clinton's might feel at home where it's in the area of Epstein Islands.

    Collin Richardson says:

    Jefferson also said we need a revolution every 20 years so the government remembers who they work for.

    D Storm says:

    CBS is the marketing department for the DNC.

    JR Tortellini says:

    The house of democraps will have to leave the country pretty quick

    OG213LA says:

    Mueller report 2.0 😂 LOL!!!

    suzi perret says:

    Impeach the fkg criminal immediately!

    suzi perret says:

    Biden is not guilty of anything you fool!

    K Mac says:

    What's next? Civil War probably. Guess who's at the top of that list? CBS ABC NBC CNN NYTimes WaPo and that's for starters.

    PJ JP says:

    The dems are devils! A complete sham! Did Pelosi lead The admin to Bagdaddi?

    Henry Townshed says:

    This is what the Democrats are taking their time and spending their time doing. They're trying to impeach a president before an election… Instead of trying to work on things people want like clean-water for Flint Michigan, opiates whatever. They're doing this. Did they forget the Republicans control the Senate. They are stupid if they think they're going to impeach orange man bad he just made the Republicans 125 million dollars last quarter. Donald Trump loves this impeachment crap he can raise money off of it.

    Liberals are their greatest enemies because they're so stupid.

    For example Barack Obama endorsed blackface Justin Trudeau. Doesn't know anything about Canadian politics or the Canadian economy. Trudeau won the election, now companies are leaving Canada and coming to America. thanks Obama for those Canadian jobs. Why are you helping orange man?

    Larry Dakin says:

    If Democrats think this is impeachable then let's see the transcripts from Obama when the Iranians received their hundreds of millions in a cash delivery for the nuke deal

    Scott Engel says:

    Meanwhile Wilbur is still asleep at the UN.

    Mike Perkins says:

    Mexico will pay for the impeachment.

    Jack Jack says:

    Weissmen Kosher Nostra COUP FAILED, the Rosenstien "insurance policy" FAILED, KGB Comey, mystified Mueller, comrades Lisa Barsoomian, Peter Strozk and Paige are guilty of Sedition! Next Clinton, Obama, Clapper and Brennan for FISA FRAUDS! GUT FBI-DOJ of these ORG Crime Koshers!

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