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  • What Does Audio Of Trump Seeming To Order Yovanovitch's Firing Change? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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  • After reports emerged of the existence of an audio tape that appears to include Trump ordering aides to “get rid” of Amb. to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, ABC published the audio online. Aired on 1/24/2020.
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    What Does Audio Of Trump Seeming To Order Yovanovitch’s Firing Change? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    Eyob Family says:

    Trump is lier ,he do anything to win election, please just stop ,We know nothing can be done,Why because he own the people's who supposed to get ride of him.
    USA ,Forget divisions by party this time be united ,if you want to see
    What is real is going on.
    My advice is united for this cases, if you want to see justice for this Criminal man to stop him ,please!

    Dee K says:

    Sad to say, It will change nothing. trump can do no wrong in the eyes of his followers.

    Mark Dolan says:

    A president we can all be so very proud of. NOT.

    KAMRAN ABID says:

    He says he doesn't know Parnas. Why is he asking Parnas to "get rid" of his own Ambassador?

    Justin Skidmore says:

    I don’t believe that Trump really believed he was ordering a hit…..he isn’t that articulate or careful with his words…it DOES however add strength to what Lev Parnes’ alleges yet again and demonstrates Trump lying yet again, it shows our POTUS directing the non official back channel ( not ok) and discussing an ambassador with private Ukrainians with pro Russian motive. It’s the same song and dance over and over with Trump and anyone who invests the slightest effort into researching his past, can find a treasure trove of a pattern of scams cons and fraudulent behavior for decades…rather than that people would rather argue Democrat vs republican because they hate each other and he is just taking advantage of it.

    rj says:

    Don't tell me he wanted to fire an ambassador!   An ambassador appointed by Obama ?!!   Abuse of power !!!

    Lifeizgreat says:

    So the lying president says " I have never spoke to him(Lev Parnas)" and yet there is this recording of him having what I would call a very memorable conversation with him. How can anyone with a brain cell left in their head not condemn and call out this conman?

    Cassiel Ligthman says:

    Trump talks more like one big gangster like those from Mexico than one president from United States of America.

    Shawn Corbin says:

    Oh, the sweet desperation of the corrupt media. Remember that Ambassador's serve at the pleasure of the President. You know, for the self proclaimed "intellectually superior" viewers of corporate media, you guys sure are gullible and DEVOUR fake news.
    Nothing can stop what is coming.

    boatman222345 says:

    Quite frankly I am impressed by a conservative Republican like Kristol having the backbone to praise Pelosi and Schiff for a job well done. Maybe the entire Republican Party is not rotten to the core after all, just most of it.

    Nancy Beveridge Taylor says:

    "Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest".
    Henry II

    One Hitter says:

    Ever watch old SNL? Rachael is Pat

    Free At Last says:

    When the arrest and indictments happens of these deep state criminals, there will be dancing in the streets!!

    david zero says:

    Did trump have a bit part in the film, "The Godfather"?

    vrueda2008 says:

    National security violation. What else are they releasing to the detriment of the nation. Anyone else would lose their Secret rating.

    T. The Zombie Whisperer says:

    Makes me think of a Nike Ad, "just do it" except Nike wasn't ordering a hit on someone like Trump did.

    Reyes Milton says:

    The president mafioso

    Orgone En says:

    Fake Audio. RIP Fake news

    free2express08 says:

    This tape further proves Trump is a liar. He knew Lev Parnas.

    olive20 ugochukwu says:

    We need more information but with what we already got, Trump and family has to go.There should be more SECURITY for Adam Schiff and others. We don't want Stories of JEFFERY EPSTEIN. Americans will come back to that when we finished with IMPEACHMENT, REMOVAL AND PUT TO JAIL of TRUMP.

    Reyes Milton says:

    It saund like a hit. Mafia.

    Rose Geaber says:

    This is staggering! What the heck?!!!! They had better convict and remove this traitor in chief!!

    Darrell Blake says:

    Wait, he said he did not know Lev.

    Orgone En says:

    POTUS Please Take out "Fake News" 🙂

    lisa gibson says:

    Only a criminal mafia mob boss says get rid of her!!!!! With no evidence of wrong doing by this wonderful servant of the ppl. THIS IS NOT THE PRESIDENT OF THE U.S.A. THIS IS A SAD EXCUSE FOR A MAN.

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